Heading To New York To Judge The RedBull Creation Contest!

We had a ridiculous amount of fun last year in the RedBull Creation Contest. This year, however, we’re not participating as competitors, we’re judging! I will be there representing Hackaday as a judge as well as getting behind the scenes coverage. Sometimes the best stuff gets missed when all you get is the highlight reel.

The format this year is returning to what it was in 2011. The 6 teams will meet in New York this weekend to compete in a 72 hour build off. I can’t wait to see what they’re going to come up with.  You can see what each team did to get into this stage in the video above.

I’ll be recording video during the event so you can follow along. I’ll try really hard to give a real view of what an amazing event like this is like. I imagine it will be a whirlwind of activity, so I’ll do my best to capture it.

7 thoughts on “Heading To New York To Judge The RedBull Creation Contest!

  1. Please obtain and use a tri-pod when you’re recording video. As a professional camera operator, shaky video drives me nuts. ( I was in agony during the period when shaky video was in vogue… thanks a lot AT&T…. Morons.)

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