We’ve Found The Awesome Singularity


Yes, that’s exactly what you think it is. A Transformer. That transforms into the TARDIS.

This masterpiece of pop culture is the work of [Nonnef] over on Instructables. After the inspiration to create this work of art struck, [Nonnef] started modeling this Transformer and TARDIS in clay to make everything fit together just right. After a good bit of 3D modelling, the Doctor’s robotic wife was ready for printing.

If you’re going to print one of these for yourself, be prepared for a very long print. [Nonnef] says the latest version took about 30 hours on his RepRap with a .35 mm nozzle. In the end nearly the entire Transformer came directly from a 3D printer, the only additional parts needed being a pen spring and a small screw. Paint is, of course, optional.

All the files are available on the Instructable.

32 thoughts on “We’ve Found The Awesome Singularity

  1. When Megatron asked Soundwave what on Cybertron happened, soundware replied with his metalic modulated voice “It just Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey, Megatron”

    Now if the BBC or some 80’s hasbeen hasbro toy company gets litigious with this, I suggest we march on them and run them out of town or set them on fire.

    1. Both are pretty good about being hands off on fan creations. I think hasbro has an (un)official 200 units or less hardline about what is okay and what is not, in terms of actual original creations. But then again, I read that on a transformers forum years ago, in regard to one person who was making tshirts with their own art.

          1. I went to the TARDIS Room in Portland, OR which serves fish sticks and custard. It was actually tasty. Tasty enough I made it at home for my girlfriend and I to have whilst watching the last Christmas special. The custard was an English style custard served hot.

            Can’t say that I have tried fish custard though.

  2. -¡Hey man! I’ll show you an incredibly advanced white an blue with red details robot with some kind of special compartiment that is bigger inside than outside, and with the ability of time travel.
    – ¿The tardis transformer?
    -¡No man! ¡Doraemon!

    1. “For the love of all that is good please do not let Micheal Bay direct a Doctor Who movie”
      For the love of all that is good, don’t let him direct anything at all..

          1. I watched the link you posted and I seriously wonder why you would grant him or his work any redeeming values on the basis of this flaccid shit.
            Seriously, why is this better then opening dual browser screen and wanking to a free erotic site whilst viewing HDR landscape pictures on the other screen?

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