JJ Dasher: The Tinkerer (Documentary)


This isn’t our usual faire, it’s a really cool documentary on a hacker. [JJ Dasher] is a tinkerer from Taylorsville, Utah — and this is his story.

Like many mechanical hackers, he got his start taking apart engines with his dad who owned a motorcycle repair shop at the time. The cover photo above is of his micro-bike project, which can get him going quite fast! He’s also built quite a few tesla coils, and loves picking up things from thrift stores to hack. He’s got a kid now which takes up a lot of his time, but he jokes that his son is just his next big project waiting to be finished.

We’ve actually featured [JJ’s] projects quite a few times before. He brought us the Doombox (handheld Doom-only computer), the awesome brute force GPS PIN cracker, and in the spirit of halloween one of our favorites: a tesla coil that delivers shocking candy!

Stick around after the break to watch the well-filmed documentary — don’t worry, it’s only 8 minutes long!

12 thoughts on “JJ Dasher: The Tinkerer (Documentary)

      1. I totally agree, Arjan. Seems to me there is no shortage of challenges for those who seek them out.

        I do understand what JJ means, though. If you’re not motivated to explore and try new things you might be able to avoid it almost completely.

  1. As someone who has one year old (my first child!) I completely get the ‘takes up a lot of time, but is also a really cool project’ thing. I sometimes miss having the time to work on my personal projects, but wouldn’t change a thing. That kid’s got an awesome dad, and I bet he turns out to be another successful project. Just don’t sell it on eBay after cleaning it up.

  2. This was so fascinating to watch and this man so reminded me of my father. I grew up watching Dad tinker and build the strangest things out of ordinary stuff!
    Thanks for sharing!

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