Trinket Contest Update #1


Entries for the Trinket contest are starting to roll in. The challenge was to slap the Hackaday logo onto something, with 20 of Trinket dev boards which Adafruit put up for grabs. Here’s five of the early entries, which we’ll describe in more detail after the jump. Get your entry in by Friday, November 1st for a chance at a prize.

IMG_20131021_194719This blurry image depicts a 1″ button which [Ken] used to test out the settings on his laser cutter. Not knowing what to do with the etched baubles he handed them off to his hackerspace in hopes that they’d find a good home.


This laser-cut sign is the handy work of [Ben]. The 1/4″ plywood backlit with LEDs warns visitors who are approaching his man cave.


Throwing the skull and wrenches up on his array of nine 32″ screens was the easiest way [Chad] could figure out to go large for the contest.


[Joshua] went the opposite route, milling a tiny logo into a Corian puck. He thinks the logo actually looks a bit better than shown, but he had to paint the black logo by hand with a Sharpie and didn’t have fine enough magnification to do a better job. We think it’s looks pretty fantastic and it sure is small!


Here’s an E-ink display which [Petteri] picked up rather inexpensively (somewhere in the $30 range) because they’re made as replacements for broken eBook readers. He’s been working through the particulars of driving the display, and designed the green STM32-based controller board himself. Very impressive and we’re happy he actually posted quite a bit of info on the build.

13 thoughts on “Trinket Contest Update #1

  1. I do love trinkets :o

    Some of them seems a bit…uh… half arsed though, i apologize if this offends anyone. Popping an image onto an already existing 9 screen array seems…too easy. Some of them are cool. I especially like the laser etched illuminated sign. Since the contest didn’t seem to have any complexity requirements i guess they’re all fine though :)

    1. HEY! – I submitted my half-arsed 3d-printed lightbox which i was expecting to have a nice crisp glowing HaD outline, but because i’m playing with a material thats new (to me) – HIPS – and im new to printed in general, i failed…

      …but, then i also used a scrap print to go all the way and FULL-ARSE the job:

    1. Well, putting the logo on a board is easy. Coming up with an idea of what the board should be isn’t. Any ideas?

      I’m partial to something with an STM32F4, and I know Mike would want to see something with an FPGA. If you want low cost, I have an assembled (but not coded) Attiny84 Trinket clone sitting on my keyboard right now…

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