Portable PS2, Courtesy Of Cross Plane

It’s not exactly a portable, but [Downing]’s PS2 advance puts all the power of a Playstation 2 in the palm of your hands, all while being more popular that the Vita.

For the audio and video, the project uses a Cross Plane, a project from a slightly unsuccessful Kickstarter [Downing] pulled the plug on last month. When the handheld is plugged in to the Cross Plane, all the audio, video, and controller wires are transferred through a pair of cables, with the possible addition of wireless transmission should [Downing] ever want to revisit this project.

In deciding on what to use for a case, [Downing] had bought a few AG cases from Polycase but found the ergonomics severely lacking. Putting two of the case backs together, he found the resulting structure was actually very comfortable, and with a few simple modifications to add some holes for acorn nuts,

It’s a great looking project that really highlights [Downing]’s talents as a console modder. He’s also thrown his hat into the Hackaday Trinket contest by engraving the Jolly Wrencher into the back of his project, which unfortunately isn’t seen in the video below.

11 thoughts on “Portable PS2, Courtesy Of Cross Plane

    1. Yeah, but they got you (and me) to read the article based on a ‘sensational’ headline.

      It is a neat project, too bad it is so inaccurately headlined as that is sure to bring out the trolls…

    1. Because going all the way would take twice as long. This was a “side side” project to fill in some time while I was waiting for parts for another side project while I was waiting for parts for a commission (main project). Plus this was made out of parts I already had in the shop. Don’t have a PS2 slim in the shop.

  1. I can see why the Kickstarter for Cross Plane wasn’t successful…
    ‘For the first time, PC users will have to opportunity to “Cut the cord” and take the full power of their machine anywhere in house. That means “Steam” can go with you to the couch…’
    Apparently they haven’t heard of this awesome thing called a laptop, which costs about as much as this thing.
    (Also, while not as cool looking, they sold PS2 controllers with LCD displays on top for awhile. Hook that up to PS2, connect PS2 slim to battery power source, and have a fully portable PS2!)

    1. *Sigh*…the way people take certain aspects of a project and put them into a context which doesn’t represent what the project is and then criticize them for it, really makes people who actually put the time and effort into a project less willing to share it. If your field of view is really that narrow than I feel sorry for you, I do. Just remember the next time that your point of view might not be as clear as you think.

    1. Contrary to popular belief, a single button/stick layout style that may be effective in one set-up, is not a universal solution for all controller styles. I won’t disagree, Sony’s layout with its particular controller grip style is damn near perfect. Very comfortable and easy to use. But…this controller does not have the same type of grip and having the right stick at the top made for a very bottom heavy feel. Putting the stick below balanced out the grip and was much more comfortable. Plus I wanted to :)

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