One thought on “IMG_1296 (Custom)

  1. It powers the server/network rack (1 PC, couple of switches), the telephone system and a handful of webcams, so barely noticeable for this monster (nicknamed “cavia”, from a misunderstood kVA during a meeting). We had a 4 hour power cut once, and we were down to a bit over 70% battery capacity.

    One of the nicest things about this place is the amount of infrastructure already in place. CAT5 and telephone patches everywhere (thinwire in some places too), a 100V sound system in most of the rooms, and a dedicated circuit for UPS mains. There’s even glassfiber to *somewhere*, but so far we haven’t been able to find out where somewhere is. And lacking an umpteen kilowatt laser the plan of pumping a lot of power into the fiber and watching where the fire brigade shows up has not been executed yet.

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