Trinket Contest Update #5


The Trinket Contest has drawn to a close, but we’re still going to show off the entries that were received by the deadline. The contest asked you slap the Hackaday logo onto something for a chance at winning one of 20 Trinket dev boards donated by Adafruit. See a dozen of them shown off after the break.

trinket-etch-a-sketch We figured we’d see at least one entry that used a stepper-motor enabled Etch-a-Sketch. [Jim] didn’t disappoint, including a video link to the drawing process.

trinket-flipdot-displayThis flip-dot display entry is worth a bit of your time. Head on over to [Axel’s] GitHub write-up for the full details of acquiring and reverse engineering the display.

trinket-plotterbot[Jay] used PlotterBot, his hanging pen plotter robot, to trace out the logo and the filled it with many smaller versions.

trinket-HAD_real_live_logoThis one gets a big image slot for the creativity. [Miha] used real wrenches and possibly a real skull to model the logo, then took a picture using a hacked overhead camera rig.

trinket-RPi-with-oled-display[Andrea] has been working on integrating an OLED display and a Rapsberry Pi in one case. It’s not quite finished but she did manage to make the skull and bones show up.

trinket-led-projectorHere’s a DIY LED projector. [Adam] flattened the dome of an LED, then laser-etched the logo on it. When shined through a lens it projects a Hackaday logo on the wall.

trinket-pov-logoWe’re kind of surprised more people didn’t pull out their POV rigs to make contest entries. [Jacky] sent this one our way.

trinket-another-hd44780[Ken] also displays the logo on a character LCD. We saw a similar entry the other day but we know this one came in before that was actually published (no plagiarism here!).

trinket-HackadayBootAnimationAgain, we saw something similar the other day but this was sent in before that published. We say similar because the previous offering was a splash-screen, this is a boot animation.

trinket-flash-projectorThis totally sweet entry isn’t Photoshop. It’s a flash projector. There’s a stencil on the camera flash — the observe probably can’t tell what is being shown but the camera captures all. A big thanks to [Aki] for documenting how it was done.

trinket-blender-creation[Rodney] got all artistic on us, spending about 12 hours with Blender and Sculptis to create this… thing.

trinket-hackaday-on-the-silver-screen[Chris] put Hackaday on the silver screen. He’s a projectionist and turned the house lights on to get a glimpse at what our logo looks like on a 14×8 meter (45×26 feet) theater screen.

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