Assassin’s Creed Hidden Blade

The youngins in the crowd may not remember Taxi Driver, but [Matt]’s fully functional hidden blade from Assassin’s Creed finally does justice to the hidden weapon on a drawer slide idea. It’s got everything you would want – immaculate craftsmanship and a video game reference for that every so necessary blog cred.

[Matt] started his hidden blade build with a drawer slide, mounting an old WWII replica blade to the slider. The blade retraction is spring-loaded, and with a small ring and a bit of wire, the blade gets its automatic draw and retraction.

The arm brace is where this project really shines. [Matt] crafted this out of two pieces of leather, tooled with the Assassin’s insignia and dyed to a deep, jet black

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an automatic hidden blade from Assassin’s Creed, but [Matt]’s effort is really top-notch. He’s got beautiful leather crafting down pat, and we can only hope his Halloween was filled with parkour and stabbing.

38 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed Hidden Blade

    1. I suspect most of the crying will be over the fact that not only are there dozens of these all over the web, but this isn’t even the first one featured on hackaday. Hell, it’s not even the first Hackaday AC hidden blade writeup that references Taxi Driver.

      The whole “twine and ring” hidden blade design is old and ugly. There are some easy improvements he didn’t go for, like using a clear fluorocarbon fishing line instead of twine and a thinner, flesh-colored ring. Personally I don’t think a hidden blade design is worth posting unless it finds a better method altogether.

      1. Exactly, there are tons of better designs, some that require a complex wrist movement to keep you from stabbing yourself. The real ones actually use centrifugal force to be even safer, you flick your arm down with your wrist bent to extend it.

        Yes, there ARE real ones, a video game did not come up with a very old Chinese weapon.

  1. I was going to complain about safety, but I had a look at the instructions. The blade is deployed by gravity and inertia as you flick your wrist; the springs are only there to lock it in place and to retract it. So this actually *isn’t* a spring-loaded stab-yourself-in-the-hand device.

  2. I would be interested to know how he intends to explain this to airport security.
    From a safety perspective, I think I might have installed a grip on the last few inches of that blade.

      1. You’re right, he’s going to throw down a smoke bomb and then poison another passenger waiting in line, and provoke them into flailing at the guards, then the guards retaliate and kill all the passengers.

        Or that’s how it worked in the game at least..

    1. Our logo is a skull and crossbones, and the green on black style is the classic hollywood blackhat hacker style. Illegal and dangerous hacks have always been a staple of the site. I would take major changes in hackaday’s branding and community management to make it into a “friendly” site like sparkfun or adafruit.

      1. Hi Alex, I know, it’s such a cool site! It’s great for hardware, no one can stop us from repurposing and extending our hardware. Dangerous hacks welcome. Virtually everything here ‘gets us somewhere good’! Maybe a few of us just want to wear this prancing around in our batman pyjamas, but the issue here is that it doesn’t get us anywhere good.

  3. When do we get the AR-15 hacks? I honestly would love to see some good weapon hacks in spite of the little kids that are afraid of weapons and dangerous thingies..

    Why AR15? because it’s the most modular and most popular rifle platform in the world.

    Cue the idiots that call it an assult rifle.

    1. I’d wholeheartedly agree, as the AR-15 is the 350 Chevy of the gun world, and also America’s favorite rifle, but you’ve obviously posted your comment before you plugged “AR-15” into the search bar.

  4. Great. Awesome hack. Put it under life hacks for all I care. Oh, HAD did away with those. Where’s the intelligently programmed AI that determines it should extend? Where are the sensors and actuators? Where’s the backpack to power it all, or solar hat to recharge such system greenly? where is dna bio sensor to overcome abuse when someone else straps it on?

  5. There was a build out there for the hidden blade that uses a dual action mechanism to both extend and retract the blade which seemed to work extremely well… Using that mechanism along with this guy’s bracer and blade build would make an almost perfect AC hidden blade. I couldn’t find the build log for it again, but here’s a video of the mechanism I’m talking about in action.

  6. People need to stop calling these types of hidden blades AC hidden blades simply because they are decorated like one. IF! You must call something an AC hidden blade, atleast make it work like one, not some half hearted twine contraption, I demand proper scissor jack blades ^_^ Is that too much to ask?

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