Chachka: A Trinket Clone

Why would you clone something as cheap as the adafruit Trinket? Well, because you can, of course. And that’s exactly why [Ray] started to build a clone two days after his Trinket came in the mail. He encourages you to support adafruit by buying at least one Trinket before attempting a clone, and we agree. Besides, you’ll be able to use the support forum with a clear conscience.

[Ray]’s design uses an 1800Ω pull-up resistor rather than the 1500Ω in the Trinket. He made this change based on his experience with V-USB and the ATtiny85. He has a lot more information on his build on the Arduino forum. Check out a short video of Chachka responding to a Sony-esque remote control after the break.

Need an application for your Trinket clone? Check out this incredibly well-built USB volume knob.

[Thanks, Ray!]

21 thoughts on “Chachka: A Trinket Clone

    1. this. why do I have to buy something from them to use their support forum in clear conscience? they all ready have their forum littered with 3rd party ads, and there are numerous companies whos sole business model is to run forums with ads. whats next, is HaD going to say I ought to buy a IBM PC to clear my conscience before I assembly my own PC?

      1. hi there, i’m the founder of hack-a-day and i now i work with limor (ladyada) at adafruit. we do not have any “3rd party ads” at all on our forums, never have and never will.

        you’re welcome to post in our customer support forums if you’d like, just keep in mind our engineers are there to support our customers first.

        1. You are however also an example of the inertia that could happen. when all the “popular” hangouts are run by a handfull of people that all know eachother and work with/for eachother – by extension gviving free PR almost exclusively only to eachother. There is a danger that you may not realise the “inbreeding” and how it can seem to an outsider looking in and not being part of the “in-crowd”.

          Not meant as a personal dig at you, i am not saying this is actually happening. but you might see how “I now work at Adafruit” may make me a bit sceptical towards the reason behind HAD posting Adafruit related hacks. (being already jaded due to the spamming going on everywhere on the internet)

          (That and i much prefer not to see off-the-shelf parts combined to a hack – but i can ofcourse skip those posts (unless you actually do abuse you position and all we get are Adafruit/”somecompany” hacks)- and i fully acknowledge that they are often hack-worthy and usefull to many readers. we cant possibly all enjoy the same things)

          This came out a lot more negative than it was meant, unfortunately i’ve rewritten it enough times that i can get it better. I am using your post to bring out a concern that I do not at the moment believe you engage in – but have seen at varying degrees both online and offline.

          You may be the most unselfish person in the world and never endorsing anything for your or your friends personal gain, but most of us simply do not know you well enough to know that.

          But no matter what. Thank you very much for founding one of my favorite websites. without which i would be stuck trolling on slashdot as anonymous coward – not even putting my name to my opinions :)

  1. I’m just commenting to show my love for Lady Ada and Adafruit in general. I’ve been a fan since Hack-a-Day introduced me to her in 2006:

    Back then I was strictly a software guy, and it was Ada’s detailed guides to Arduino (before they were everywhere) that taught me all the basic hardware concepts (pullups, debounce, PWM) that I needed to get going with microcontrollers, and get going I did. I’ve even been featured here on HaD myself.

    How can these people ignore all the contributions that Ada and Adafruit have given back to the community, both hardware and software? Oh no, they sell (insert whatever product here). Pfft.

      1. I didn’t mean to say that they were only doing it to sell stuff. That last line was supposed to criticize people that were using the argument that because they sell (whatever it was people were complaining about, something closed source) that they were now evil. I should have used quotation marks there or something.

        Anyway, so what? They can sell whatever they want. As I said before, their contributions to the community outshine any petty complaints.

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