The Gathering Approacheth


UPDATE 1/21/14 3:20pm: We’re sold out! See you at the party! Here are directions! Doors open at 6!

UPDATE 1/21/14 11:40am: If you want to attend get on the short waiting list. There’s a very good chance you’ll still get a ticket!

UPDATE 1/21/14 6:30am: There are still a handful of tickets available. Get yours now.

The plans are made, the free T-shirts are folded, and we’ve giving our livers those last few hours off so that we’re ready for the frothy goodness when the beer starts to flow. Of course we’re talking about Hackaday’s Gathering in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening. Regular readers in the area already have their tickets; we’re sold out and you can’t get in the door without them. If you’re slow on the uptake you still might get lucky and score yourself a returned ticket.

Despite your preconceived notions about our readership, they’re actually very polite. We gave out all 500 tickets, but have seen a number of those cancelled as people realize they can’t make it. Thank you for cancelling your unused tickets!

The ones that have been returned have gone right out the door again. As I’m writing this the waiting list is just in the single-digits, so put yourself on the waiting list and watch your inbox!

8 thoughts on “The Gathering Approacheth

  1. {warning rambling is about to ensue] I understand the lack of of a live stream, as many participants would balk of having video of themselves on the web for perpetuity that they have no control over on how it would be used. US resident or otherwise many of regular hackaday readers aren’t able to attend. Sorry; impoliteness when using a pseudonym transfers to politeness when a real name is required(as I assume) any politeness isn’t really a surprise. In the event the tickets required a refundable fee, rather than a free pass, more polite people would have been revealed I’m sure. Anyway I’m hoping everyone who gets to attend has a great time and safe traveling.

    What’s the next step, unaffiliated/unsanctioned HADx events, sorta like TEDx? Where a TEDx event requires following rule established by TED following rules established by TED along with license it’s probably not accurate to use the terms unaffiliated/unsanctioned with TEDx. Are either Hackaday or HAD registered as a trademark? A uspto search doesn’t reveal any results.

    In this is a success that hackaday decides to repeat it, consider a year notice and a central US location. Both Denver and Kansas city have international airports. Both are nearly equidistant from the actual center of the lower 18 States. A year lead time aids people in deciding how they will spend that year’s vacation budget. International airports aid those outside the US who wish to attend. Yea I know that that could take take all the fun out of it for the organizer, but creating a popular event does bring on an expectation of responsibility. HADx could share the burden. Honestly I didn’t plan that conclusion, my rambling lead me to it.

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