Final Key : A Mooltipass-like Device

Since the Hackaday community started working on our offline password keeper, Mooltipass, we’ve received several similar projects in our tips line. The Final Key may be the most professional looking one yet. Similarly to the Mooltipass, it is based on an Atmel ATMega32U4 but only includes one button and one LED, all enclosed in a 3D printed case.

The Final Key is connected to the host computer via USB and is enumerated as a composite Communication Device / HID Keyboard, requiring windows-based devices to install drivers. AES-256 encrypted passwords are stored on the device and can only be accessed once the button has been pressed and the correct 256 bit password has been presented through the command line interface. Credentials management and access is also done through the latter. Unfortunately, the Arduino source code can’t be found on [cyberstalker]’s website, so if you see interesting features that you would like to be integrated in Mooltipass you may send us a message to our Google Group.

5 thoughts on “Final Key : A Mooltipass-like Device

    1. This was made by a friend of mine, and as of yet, no schematics or source. Though I’m quite confident he’ll have it up there some time soon. :) I’ll bully him into making a statement about it here. :P

  1. As per ViperMDs bullying, I’ll make a statement here :) Also, woot!? I’m on hackaday!?!1one

    I will document the project a bit further in the future and post a detailed guide on building your own, this will include the binaries, source and schematic. May be some weeks though.

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