Giant Tetris Adds Some Retro To Your Room

giant tetris

[Sam] just finished off this awesome 6 foot tall Tetris game using National Instruments myRIO with FPGA.

The build makes use of a 10 x 20 grid of RGB LEDs controlled by the myRIO. It’s played by using a web interface on any device, as long as you have WebSockets support. [Sam] had originally built it using an Arduino at the heart, but wanted a stand-alone device to do everything — no extra computer or Raspberry Pi for the web interface. That’s when he discovered the myRIO — it’s a pretty cool piece of hardware that we haven’t seen too much of yet, other than the recent Picasso with a Paintball gun project…

Don’t forget to watch the following video to see the game in action!

While it’s certainly an impressive sized game of Tetris, we’ve gotta point out the largest we’ve seen, put on by MIT! Or what about the tiniest game of Tetris? Oh and where did they get the T-Rex?

15 thoughts on “Giant Tetris Adds Some Retro To Your Room

    1. I can assure you they’re not :) – I was working on this project long before the myRIO was even announced. I’m a LabVIEW developer – that’s my full-time job so I got in touch with NI to get hold of one to use in this project – they gave me a discount in return for posting about it on their community pages and getting to borrow it for one of their events.

    1. You have to contact an NI rep to get a student discount. They will then give you a quote of $250 for the Myrio kit with Wifi(Not the single board model). I ordered one with the student discount over a month ago, still waiting.

  1. I like it. Sounds like a good summer project – could be done much cheaper with a PI or even a beaglebone however. The myRIO seems ridiculously expensive for what you get.

    Maybe build a stand-alone wireless controller for it too? Hm.

    1. It would appear that the complete myRIO (not bare board), comes with a complete version of LabView, and retails for $499. One thing to remember about NI, is that nothing from them is “cheap,” but they do have good products.

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