[Furze] Sets Fire To Everything With Pyro Gloves

Pyro Build

Crazyman [Colin Furze] is back, and this time he’s setting everything on fire with his Pyro gloves. Though Hackaday readers are already a discerning bunch, this is a build we get submissions for all the time and feature fairly often. It would take an exceedingly impressive build to outshine the other fire hazards. But, as with his pneumatic Wolverine claws and his electromagnetic boots, [Furze] knows how to build the insane and then put on a good show.

The Pyro build is part of [Furze’s] 3-part celebratory X-Men extravaganza, a nod to the realm of superheroes coinciding with the release of the new X-Men film. [Furze] began with a custom reservoir cylinder that fitted with two solenoid valves: one for a pilot light and another for the big blasts. He’s also affixed a Piezo element and a AA battery, which sits in a cozy little container. The bulkier bits of the assembly sit in a backpack, hooking up, as expected, to the wrist-mounted devices. This flame cannon, however, is unique among the ones we’ve encountered here.

The builds we’ve featured here at Hackaday typically combine the pilot light and fuel dump on the same wrist. Dangerous, yes. Stupid? Probably. [Furze] has separated them in his version, however, with the pilot light on one wrist, and the fuel on the other. Flick back one wrist to ignite the pilot light, then aim the second wrist to unleash a fiery woosh.

This setup probably isn’t any safer, however, especially if you can’t aim. Needless to say, don’t try this at home. Do, however, watch the videos below including the behind-the-scenes build breakdown.

[Thanks James & Chris]

25 thoughts on “[Furze] Sets Fire To Everything With Pyro Gloves

  1. I think he knows what he does.
    It needs a lot of knowledge to achieve these things.
    And he always does some testing before finishing his builds.
    I really wonder how he acquired all these knowledge. Does he research things before he builds things?
    The music annoys me but I am impressed about the builds every time. Still a lot to learn just by watching it.
    As saftey goes you can hurt yourself with regular tools too, so it is always to be careful at the end.

    Thanks for sharing, his builds have some quality, some other regular posts here are not that much worth reading in my opinion.

  2. The guy is a fucking genius. That’s how he does it. But more importantly it would appear that he has never been afraid of what he didn’t know. But why would he be?
    Anybody with decent motor skills, the internet and the ability to read can pretty much figure out how to do anything. Havin the balls to do it is what most people lack.

    Oh, and must we have the predictable “safety hawks” express their penis envy for this guy by pointing out the inherent dangers that come with the types of builds this guy does? (which all kick ass btw)

    “OMG!! That,s FIRE!! It can BURN You!!!, “Thats STUPID!!, He’s suspended above the ground!!! He could FALL!!!”

    Reeeaallyy?!? I had no idea. Thanks for pointing that out. If I was a pussy I might think twice about trying something like this. Or for that matter, anything.

    Colin Furze is the quintessential Hacker. He re-pourposes materials and then crafts, from scratch, his own interpretations of technological applications. His hacks work as intended for the most part and His build tubes are clever, informative and extremely entertaining.

    I think what’s really driving the detractors is the amount of FUN this guy is having.

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