Jeep Power Wheels Upgrade Only Reuses Body

Power Wheels Racing Jeep

It is debatable whether [Jamie] upgraded his Power Wheels Jeep or built a beast of a mini vehicle and only added a Power Wheels Jeep body. Either way, this Racing Power Wheels Jeep is awesome. The goal of the project is to race in the Power Racing Series races held at Maker Faires.

This vehicle is no joke. It is still electric but runs on 24volts DC. It has pneumatic rubber tires for traction and disk brakes for stopping. The ‘gas’ gauge is a volt meter mounted into the dash next to the motor temperature gauge. As if that was not enough, the headlights and tail lights work. Take note of that sweet custom frame, it was mostly made from an old bed frame.

Power Wheels Racing Jeep

To move an adult around at a good clip [Jamie] is using two 12v batteries in series to reach his 24v goal. The DC drive motor is only rated at 12v, hence needing the temperature gauge, it gets hot. In between the batteries and motor resides an Electronic Speed Control that was removed from a pallet mover. The speed control allows a variable throttle which results in smooth and controlled acceleration. The motors rotational energy is then transferred through an old electric wheelchair differential before reaching the wheels. All said and done this little rig can get up to 25-30mph.

The custom Army Jeep paint job adds some show to this projects’ go! If you have your young offspring in mind, this may not be the best project. For a more kid-friendly approach check this out.

14 thoughts on “Jeep Power Wheels Upgrade Only Reuses Body

    1. Its called the “EV Grin” and is very common among electric vehicle owners. :-) Assuming this is his first, He just joined the club and the honeymoon is in full force.

  1. Sweet, and old bed frame never go together in the same sentence. Bed frames are made out of a very poor grade of steel. I believe they melt down old coat hangers to make bed frames.

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