Entry Is Easy: The Hackaday Prize



Failing to submit an entry for The Hackaday Prize is a big mistake. The worst you can do is make an awesome contribution to Open Hardware, but you could win a trip to space or hundreds of other prizes. It’s simple to get started:

  1. Sign up for an account on Hackaday.io
  2. Start documenting your project with the tag #TheHackadayPrize
  3. Click the “Submit project to…” button to make it official

Not simple enough? We even made some screenshots to prove how easy it is. Check them out after the break.

Make it connected, make it open, make it awesome, and you could win!

Make it an official entry

Don’t wait until the project is finished. You need to make it official if you want to be in on community voting for shirts, stickers, patches, etc.


Click the submit button on the left column of a project you have created.
Click the submit button on the left column of a project you have created.


Drop-down box for making it offical
Choose “Official Hackaday Prize Entry” from the drop-down box
Complete this form to make it offical
Fill out the entry form and click “Submit my project” to officially enter your project

15 thoughts on “Entry Is Easy: The Hackaday Prize

    1. “Participants must be at least 18 years of age (or the local age of majority where they live, if higher) at the time of registration, except that minors age 13 or older may participate by obtaining the consent of a parent or legal guardian”

  1. It asks for only one person to submit the project. If there are many people working on the project (documented as collaborators), does this method include them in the submission of the project (even though they are not asked to “submit” the project)? My apologizes if this is a stupid or obvious question, I just want to be perfectly clear that I am not going to prevent my associates from losing credit by being the sole individual who submits the project using this process.

  2. What is the definition of “connected device”, and will entries that are not “connected” be considered for the community weigh in and first round rewards?

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