Prove Your Geek Cred With A Binary Watch

Binary Wrist Watch

After just one prototype, [Elia] has finished his super awesome Binary Wrist Watch.

He designed the PCB in KiCad, using a template for the PIC he found in a standard library — unfortunately it turns out the SSOP-20 PIC footprint in this library was actually a TSSOP-20. Confusingly enough, there was also a TSSOP-20 footprint in the library. Luckily it’s just a few millimeters off so [Elia] was able to just bend the pins in a bit before reflow soldering it in place.

The trickiest part of the project was actually making the wristband. He tried several different styles before settling on a paracord braid design he found on Instructables.

We especially like his quote at the end of the project:

Although not having worn the watch in the presence of normal humans, I can already guarantee that now everyone will be able to easily identify me as a nerd.

Acceptance is the first step in realizing you have an addiction, right?

[via Dangerous Prototypes]

14 thoughts on “Prove Your Geek Cred With A Binary Watch

  1. Cool, I always liked those. I especially liked the one on HAD last year that had a POV mode that when you swept your arm, displayed the numbers for non-nerds. It had terrible battery life though.

    Side note, I will never wear a cloth watchband again (I believe the paracord falls into this). It’s like a sweatband that has to be removed from the watch whenever it needs washing.

  2. Msp430 vs PIC. I know Elia was just wanting a project to use to get familiar withe the PIC family, but who currently holds the low power crown, TI or MicroChip?
    (btw – top row 6 bit hour, bottom row 6 bit minute)

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