We’re At Maker Faire This Weekend

It’s that time of year again where the east coast division of the Hackaday crew makes the trek out to Maker Faire New York. We’ll be there the entire weekend, checking out the sights, talking to the people who make the things you make things with, and standing in an hour-long line for a hamburger.

We’ve been going to the NYC Maker Faire for a few years now, and each time we’re surprised by the sheer variety of stuff at the faire. This year, SeeMeCNC is bringing a gargantuan delta printer, [Adam] and I are going to geek out when we meet the Flite Test crew, and we’ll be filing a few interviews with the folks from Intel, Atmel, BeagleBone, and TI. If you’re wondering what the, “I can’t believe Make is allowing this at the faire” project is for this year, here you go.

If you’re heading to the faire and find some of the Hackaday crew wandering around, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. I’ll be wearing a flagpole with the Jolly Wrencher, and [Adam] will probably be wearing something emblazoned with the Hackaday logo. We have stickers to give out, and if you’re really cool, some sweet swag.

This year is a little different from the other times we’ve made the trek to Maker Faire – this time we have a press pass, and that means access to some very important people. If you have a question you’d like to ask Atmel’s VP of MCUs, Intel’s “maker czar”, [Massimo], someone at TI, or anyone else on the schedule, leave a note in the comments.

13 thoughts on “We’re At Maker Faire This Weekend

    1. I feel like I should do a video:

      “Hi, I’m Brian here with hackaday at World Maker Faire 2014, sponsored by Disney, LG, Radioshack, Toyota, Ford, Intel, Pepsico, Atmel, Autodesk, Dremel, Texas Instruments, Asus, Altium, Epilog, Makerbot, Lego, and Shapeways. Here’s a wall of dicks.”

  1. I will be exhibiting “Decisions, Decisions…”, a mechanical “thumb” built for “Going Deep with David Rees”. Assuming nobody freaks out, and shuts me down, I will spend both days flipping my 5 Zorkmid piece. (A “coin” 50cm in diameter). Stop by, and I will let you take a few flips.

  2. They stuck my project outside in the 3D printer village :( I’ll be there demoing FirePick Delta, aka the $300 Pick-and-Place / 3D printing system. Please stop by if you get a chance :)

      1. Sure! We’ll be showing off some new parts on our machine that haven’t even been posted to our build log yet. Which, BTW, in hindsight, I should have just skipped NY Maker Faire and concentrated on the Sept 29 HaD Prize milestone, which is right around the corner. We’ve got a lot of tough competition at this point.

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