Share Your Hackaday Story As We Celebrate 10 Great Years

Tomorrow we mark 10 wonderful years of reading Hackaday. Share your experience by recording a 1-2 minute video about how you discovered Hackaday and your favorite hack from all the greats that have hit the front page. Tweet the link to your video to @Hackaday with the hashtag #10years and we’ll add it to the playlist.

It doesn’t need to be anything special (but go nuts if you wish). I recorded a one-shot talking-head format as an example.

If you are lucky enough to be in the LA area, get a free ticket for Saturday’s event. In addition to all the clinicians and speakers, there’s a small collection of the Hackaday crew in town.

8 thoughts on “Share Your Hackaday Story As We Celebrate 10 Great Years

    1. That’s the spirit.

      It’s not a proper post unless the “editors” have done their usual piss-poor work.

      Read the summary to experience the full joy of how jarringly bad the writing is. (Twice through Google translate? Fledgling AI? Intern journalist? We could only hope…)

  1. Yup, its hard to remember me either how I found HaD. Probably when googling for ideas or projects, especially looked for DIY. And eureka! Here’s a lot people who make things themselves and share their ideas all over and that’s how I sticked to HaD :)

    I saw people who complaining about article content, lack of quality in a several articles, but IMHO there’s no place to complain. So keep a good work for next 10 years!

    P.S. One thing stuck in my mind, when i found 2004 article on HaD.. Black/white pictures, nowadays there’s gifs in headline :))

  2. Congratulations HaD an your first ten years. I became a regular reader after a work colleague put me on to the site oh, seven maybe eight years ago, I can’t recall exactly. Over that time the submissions have (to my tastes) been from postively magnificent jaw-dropping builds, to heartfelt helping-humanity projects (eg. prosthetics) to ones I just shudder at. Some are novel, some are overengineered, some are ludicrous and some are more-of-the-same (for instance last week I thought the site may well have been renamed ClockADay).
    But above all, there’s one thing that really shows out – the incredible diversity of creative minds solving problems. It’s great. It’s fun. It’s educational. It’s inspirational. And thanks to HaD, that force has an outlet… Right here. Long may you continue!

  3. I’ve been lurking for all 10 of the years.

    From high-school, through college, and on into building satellites as a bonafide EE.
    The wealth of information I have received from this site has been in no small part instrumental to my success.

    Thanks you.

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