The Proto BuildBar Is Exactly What It Sounds Like, And It Sounds Awesome

Proto Build Bar Combines a Pub with a Makerspace

People of Dayton, Ohio have a new reason to get excited with the opening of what is perhaps the world’s first Bar/Makerspace.

Called the Proto BuildBar, it’s kind of a cross between a 3D printing lab, a makerspace, and a cafe. Hang out, drink, eat, 3D print — sounds like most hacker spaces we’ve been to, but this might just be the first one with a cafe being it’s main business model!

The World's Largest Claw Game?

It’s even home to the World’s Largest Claw game, or so they claim.

It has just opened, with a recent press event on Thursday, which was covered by a local news blog. While Dayton has long since been called a technology hub (what with Boeing and other high tech companies in the area), opening the Proto Buildbar is hoped to bring new life to the surrounding area!

For more information on Proto BuildBar (including hours of operation), you can check it out on Facebook.

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16 thoughts on “The Proto BuildBar Is Exactly What It Sounds Like, And It Sounds Awesome

  1. Only in Dayton do you get to mix crowds, alcohol, and power tools…

    But to give some credit to that city, it’s not a new tech hub, it’s been a tech hub for a century or more. Boeing has been there for a long time too.

  2. As a Daytonian by birth, I’m happy to see Dayton on HaD! The Build Bar is right by Mendleson’s which is an amazing (if often overpriced) electronics and surplus store.

    But wait… Boeing is moving it’s HQ to Dayton? Do you have a source for that? Hopefully one other than this article:

    …because that one says “But to see the smiles on the faces… you’d _have thought_ Boeing had just announced it’s moving its headquarters to downtown Dayton.”

  3. I like the idea. The traditional bar is becoming less popular for some people, and being social can be difficult these days. It’s always nice to have a spot you can just go and hang out for a while.

  4. This is cool to see, at first I thought it was the bar that was looking at installing. Fabspace is intended to be a makerspace downtown on 4th st, with a CNC mill, laser cutter, etc. They hold a 3D printer meetup once a month, I’ve been to a few, [Jeff Opt], the founder is pretty cool, if a bit eccentric.

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