Self Replicating Skateboard…. What?!?!?

CNC Router Skateboard

[Bart] and company over at Pumping Station One make a lot of skateboard decks. They wanted to build a CNC Router that was not only portable but had a size that was optimized for cutting skateboard decks. The project got a little out of hand and the CNC Router ended up also being a skateboard! As crazy as that sounds, the craziest part may be that they built it in just one night.

CNC Router SkateboardThe project started off with some stock Shapeoko 2 parts. Achieving the deck-cutting size required shortening the X Axis and tripling the length of the Y Axis resulting in a 250 x 1200mm work envelope. The DC spindle used accepts ER16 collets and has a fully variable speed control. The stand alone selectable 24/48 volt power supply has a neat DIY handle to ease transportation. Even though the router itself has skateboard trucks, it also has a handle at the front so it’s easy to grab and drag behind you.

The guys that built this admit that, as a skateboard, it is kind of crappy. They do go on to mention that a 230lb dude was able to ride it without incident. As a project, however, they hit their goals on the head, ending up with an easily-transportable dedicated skateboard-deck-making CNC Router.

19 thoughts on “Self Replicating Skateboard…. What?!?!?

    1. If anyone even considered taking the headline literally, it means their brain has been fried by watching too much transformers. Is there anything else than life that’s self-replicating in a wide environment? In fact, self-replication is one of the traits generally used to define life.

  1. Having made a few CNC machines, and having stood on them, I fear they’ll be needing to relevel that bed now – but then again, if it only ever cuts skateboard decks, who gives a crap if it varies in height by a tenth of an inch or more. Otherwise, cool machine guys!

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