Laser Cut Settlers Of Catan Board = Best Christmas Gift Ever

[JoshBaker] wanted to make something special for his brother this past Christmas.  He decided on making a wooden game board version of the Settlers of Catan game. [Josh] used CorelDraw to construct the vector images needed for the board. Then, he set out cutting the base, engraving and cutting out the many wooden pieces with a laser cutter. All the pieces were stained and then sealed with polyurethane. He assembled the base so that the removable hex tiles, ports, and resource numbers sit nicely in the recessed parts and don’t shift during gameplay. He complemented the board with tokens and game pieces that he hand-painted. [Josh] also created a new set of cards to fit with the board’s aesthetic.

The board is done incredibly well, not to mention beautiful to look at. The hex tiles’ designs are very detailed. The stained and engraved wood really adds to the atmosphere of the game. We featured a coffee table that would be perfect to play it on. [Josh] has listed all of the vector files for the version he gave his brother, as well as additional ones for the Cities and Knights Expansion. We wish we could have seen the look on his brother’s face when he got such an awesome Christmas gift!

[via Instructables]

20 thoughts on “Laser Cut Settlers Of Catan Board = Best Christmas Gift Ever

  1. Wait a minute, you mean they are that far along in that game and NOONE has rolled a 7?!? Come on. That robber/thief starts movin the instant the game starts with the guys I play with.

    Now if I could just get my hands on a nice laser cutter…

      1. The only copyright issue would be if he copied the card text verbatim. It would however be a trademark issue if he sold/marketed it with the name “Catan”, “The Settlers of Catan”, “Prof. Easy”, or any other trademarks Catan GmbH owns.

      1. No, posting the files online would be copyright infringement; it only matters if the game maker wants to go after him for it.

        It’s the same as posting a book or a mp3 online for anyone to download. Game tiles are just a bit less useful without the rules to go with them.

          1. He is from Canada if I understand it correctly, they might have small differences in the fine print of copyright law.
            It think you’d better find some place where they have Canadian copyright law to quote.
            Autodesk might share your worries though, because they are residing in the US.

            Also, when people are stating the law as a certainty, as you do, they normally either start with “I’m not a lawyer, but ….” or they state that they, in fact. are …

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