Uber-Cheap FPV Snow Sled


Has the winter blues got you RC vehicle guys down? Well, cheer up! Spring is just around the corner. In the meantime though, you can take a page out of [BenNBuilds’] book and build an FPV Snow Sled.

So how is using this Snow Sled in the winter different from any other RC vehicle? [BenNBuilds] controls it from inside his house where he stays warm and toasty. The on-board FPV camera sends video back to a receiver in the house where it can be either displayed on an LCD screen or on FPV goggles. Plus, being able to see the sled from the window doesn’t hurt either when getting in a sticky situation!

The craft it self was made on the cheap from spare parts that were kicking around. The frame is made from foam board and is powered by a ducted electric fan. A rudder similar to that of a hovercraft or swamp boat provides the steering. Since [BenNBuilds’] transmitter had a couple extra channels, he hooked up a pan and tilt system for his FPV camera. Check out the video of this puppy in action after the break….

via fpvforme.com

15 thoughts on “Uber-Cheap FPV Snow Sled

    1. if you want really cheap, get an old A/V sender from , if it’s a 2.4Ghz one don’t use a 2.4Ghz RC system.
      you can get servos pretty cheap these days, they don’t all cost $40 – $60 these days, I bought a 37 mhz JR radio for $70 this week.
      ESC’s, motors and LiPo’s are also pretty cheap these days.

      A vehicle running on the ground is a very safe, forgiving place to try out different ideas and designs.


      for the Arduino haters!


      this setup WAS kinda expensive, but modular, I have a lot of fun trying out new hardware, software combinations.

      I’ll be adding a Raspberry Pi soon, coz I can!!!

    2. Hardly hundreds of dollars, let’s see what I can dig up in 5 minutes:
      Servo 6€: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=44435
      Engine + Speed Controller 15€: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__40269__HobbyKing_Donkey_ST3511_810kv_Brushless_Power_System_Combo.html
      2S LiPoly battery 6€: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__20388__Turnigy_nano_tech_950mah_2S_25_50C_Lipo_Pack.html
      FPV Tx/Rx 48€: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__11974__2_4GHZ_100mW_Tx_Rx_1_3_inch_CCD_Camera_PAL.html

      You’ll need a transmitter and a receiver (around 60€) and a LiPoly charger to complete it, but just the parts total up to around 75€. Hardly “hundreds of dollars”. I could build at least four of those (not including FPV) just from the extra shit I have lying around the house – and I’m not even a hardcore RC hobbyist.

      RC gear is extremely cheap nowadays. And after you get the more expensive basic stuff (radio, charger, batteries) together, adding new stuff is so cheap you’ll run out of space to put all your flying/driving/diving/floating/hovering RC shit before you run out of money.

      1. care to find me a 6+ channel transmitter/receiver combo that isn’t $100+ and supports programmable mixing(custom miixes for elevon, tri-copters,etc), expo, and dual rates? Yes, that’s not really needed for this build, but when getting into the hobby why buy a transmitter you’ll be getting rid of fast?

        I found http://www.horizonhobby.com/airplanes/aircraft-transmitters/dx6i-6-channel-dsmx-reg%3B-transmitter-with-ar610-receiver-spm6630 $150 + $75 + lipo charger is definitely into more than $200. Better to assume that a reasonable person would look at, at least 2 batteries as well.

        1. If you’re going to “get into the hobby” no way you stop at just one radio!

          Pretty soon you’ll be seeing 27/29/37/72 Mhz radios, in 2, 4,6 channels at thrift stores and pawn shops for less than $100.

          Old radios are really cheap and getting cheaper, you get way more range out of a longer wavelength radio and it won’t trash your 2.4Ghz FPV video sender.

          The old non-“Spektrum” protocol is very robust and very reliable.

        2. http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__47720__Turnigy_9XR_Transmitter_Mode_2_No_Module_EU_Warehouse_.html

          Also the Turnigy 9x is decent if you’re willing to do some hacking (display backlight and programming cables need to be added).

          There really is no need to get expensive Spektrum radios if you’re just beginning, any chinese copy is equal software-wise and infinitely more hackable. The only thing the better radios have that cheapo chinese don’t is model matching, so you won’t go flying with your heli with a aeroplane config loaded on the radio =)

    1. Ha ha ha :-)
      But if you do want to remove interference,a filter using a ferrite ring and large capacitor on the power inputs into the camera and video transmitter will help.Or separate power.Its coming from the motor.Then for dropouts , a better antenna.
      Thanks to rc groups!

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