Meet Us In Shenzhen

Hackaday Prize Worldwide is coming to Shenzhen, China at the end of next week! There’s lots to do, join us for as much of it as you can:

zero-to-productZero to Product Workshop

RSVP now for our Zero to Product workshop on Friday, June 19th. This is created and presented by [Matt Berggren] who shares his experience designing and laying out printed circuit boards professionally. A basic knowledge of electronics is all you need to get going and to lay out the dev board shown here!

Meetup and Share Your Hacks

logic-noise-booth-artHolding down an awesome booth at Maker Faire all day makes us weary. We’ll recharge our batteries on Saturday, June 20th starting at 7pm. Join us at Bionic Brew (please be kind and tell us you’re coming). As always, when we hang out we like to see, and show off, hacks. Bring something along if it’s easy to store in a pocket or backpack.

Build some Logic Noise at our SZMF Booth

Yep, we already mentioned it… we’ll be camped out at Shenzhen Maker Faire teaching people how to make music with logic chips. We’ve based the activity off of [Elliot Williams’] fantastic Logic Noise Series. Stop by, say hello and grab some stickers!

The 2015 Hackaday Prize is sponsored by:

14 thoughts on “Meet Us In Shenzhen

        1. Last time I was there I was the only human I saw with an umbrella (for the sun). Move swiftly but with low energy from AC to AC. Stores connect for entire blocks so you don’t have to leave AC. It is a short holiday but sometimes (and on any longer holiday) the place practically shuts down and everyone goes home. Shenzhen is really a young city. Hardly anyone was born there and they go back to home villages and cities to visit family. It was a bunch of little villages in what they called the new territories in Hong Kong IIRC. Note everyone is speaking (mostly) Mandarin ‘Po-tung-wa’ yet you are less than an hour down the river from Canton (Guangzhou), the heart of Cantonese speaking China.

  1. Please try do an article about the incredible amount of tech startups and why they’re all in Shenzhen, ive always wondered this. (and it would be nice if you guys could just mention some of the things you’ve come across, im sure theres hardware being made we haven’t even thought of over here in the west :P )


      >The population structure polarizes into two opposing extremes: intellectuals with a high level of education, and migrant workers with poor education.[30] It was reported in June 2007 that over 20 percent of P.R.C’s PhD’s worked in Shenzhen.

      They have lots of smart people with lots of ideas, migrant worker to work in the sweatshops. Right next to Hong Kong for international businesses that would rather deal with the offices in the former colony.

      1. Plus there is all the supply chain built up there, since so many large manufacturers have operations in the area. Very easy to get parts at all levels, factory equipment, trained labor force, etc.

    2. 95% or more of new stuff there is designed in the West or by design teams under the direction of visiting foreigners on visas. Someone will have to do a walk through of the SEG and take a lot of pictures. There is an underground stop there and the underground has AC :-) The real forte is whipping out prototypes super fast and copying products and technology. Don’t have CAD files? X-ray the 8 layer boards from some German medical instrument. You get the idea. There are some great Chinese designers in Foshan up river.

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