Quick Marty! We Have To Go Back, With The Golf Cart!

Golf Cart Delorean

Talk about an awesome project. [Lucas Evanochko] was commissioned to build this totally rad Delorean style golf Cart for Red Deer College’s 30th annual Golf Tournament.

According to him, it’s been about 600 hours in the making – and they only started building it in July. This past week was its big unveiling, and it has had an overwhelmingly positive response so far!

They started with one of the club’s golf carts and modified it heavily, relying on the automotive expertise of [David Keykants] and [John Perrin] to turn it into the aw-worthy time machine it is today.  It has a 7” tablet built right into the dash to play music and use the Fluxy88 Time Circuits app. A big array of arcade buttons hooked up to an Adafruit Audio FX board play various sound bites from the movie, including the theme music!

All the accessories are powered off of a separate 12V system from the main 48V drive line. Oh and the Flux Capacitor? It’s controlled by a Trinket Pro. Check it out after the break. We love the detail that went into this!

As far as your non-traditional Delorean builds go, this has gotta be near the top. We must say this hover craft Delorean is pretty awesome too though!

16 thoughts on “Quick Marty! We Have To Go Back, With The Golf Cart!

  1. Let’s hope that no VW software is involved, otherwise (i.e. WITH VW software) this baby could travel back and forth in time – but only if nobody is sitting behind the wheel (seat-load detection wired into ability-software). And as long as somebody is watching, it will only go forward in time (at the same rate the watcher is). VW Software would also allow it to sleep with your best friend’s spouse, the cat AND the milkman at the same time, cheat on your tax declaration AND become president of the Americans by means of malfunctioning elect-o-matics.

    Wait … Wasn’t Golf a brand by VW? Doh!

    Aside from that: Great build Nice looks. Cool dog.

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