Raspberry Pi Sense HAT Super Weather Dashboard

[InitialState] posted a great multipart tutorial about building what he calls a “Hyper-local Weather Dashboard.” In plain language, he created a Raspberry Pi-based web page that fuses weather data from Wunderground along with locally sensed weather data.

The tutorial has thee parts. The first part covers reading data from Wunderground using their developer’s API (you’ll need an API key; a free one is good for 500 queries a day). The second part covers using the Pi Sense HAT to measure local temperature, humidity, and pressure. The final part ties it all together using producing the hyper-local weather dashboard (whatever that really means).

We talked about the Sensor HAT earlier (and there’s more info in the video, below). Seems like those lights could do something, although that wouldn’t do you any good over a web interface. This is a good-looking project (and tutorial) and easy enough that it would be a good place to start
experimenting with the Raspberry Pi.

7 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Sense HAT Super Weather Dashboard

  1. interesting project i like the wu api i’ve seen it used in the past. One thing I am curious of is does anyone have an idea If i want to keep track of water temp? at a few hundred feet away I would like to have a constant reading on a water temp but have yet to find a good or even nice solution for it.

    1. For the Wunderground part, replace:
      if isFloat(conditions[‘current_observation’][‘temp_f’]):
      streamer.log(CITY + ” Temperature(F)”,conditions[‘current_observation’][‘temp_f’])
      if isFloat(conditions[‘current_observation’][‘temp_c’]):
      streamer.log(CITY + ” Temperature(C)”,conditions[‘current_observation’][‘temp_c’])

      For the Sense HAT part, replace:
      streamer.log(“:sunny: ” + SENSOR_LOCATION_NAME + ” Temperature(F)”, temp_f)
      streamer.log(“:sunny: ” + SENSOR_LOCATION_NAME + ” Temperature(C)”, temp_c)

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