The Flying Man

No, that’s not a typo for Burning Man. What do you get when you take a hundred feet of plastic sheet, weld up a big ramp, modify a car into your own personal high speed winch, and put it all near a lake? You get some serious air time.

A group of French water sports enthusiasts decided to build this fantastically ill-advised super slip and slide. They built a giant ramp alongside an old farm house heading towards the lake. At the bottom is a large ramp they welded together out of steel. Now you can just slide down this slip and slide.

But they weren’t content with just that.

They jacked up an old car and replaced one of the wheels with a bare steel rim to use as a winch. Using some high strength cable they strung it across the lake, wrapping it around another steel rim on an axle to use as a massive pulley. Bring the cable back across the lake, hook it up to an inner tube and get ready for the flight of your life!

Safety? Really, what could possibly go wrong here?


Don’t have a lake at your disposal? A leak proof water blob is kinda fun too.

[via reddit]

24 thoughts on “The Flying Man

  1. Someone needs to say it-guess I’m the first…

    I guess if you need something insane done-give it to a frog. They seem to have insane sh!t down to an artform.

    Gentleman (and women) I salute you!

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