Smart Coaster Informs You When Your Drink Is Ready

How many times have you made a cup of coffee or tea and it’s been too hot to drink, and then by the time you get to it, it’s become too cold? While very much a #firstworldproblem, [ToniTheAxe] decided to fix it — and enter a contest at the same time. He calls it the µCoaster, and essentially, it is a temperature sensing alarm clock.

The coaster uses a TMP006 infrared temperature sensor which measures the temperature of whatever you place on the coaster indirectly. It also doesn’t use much power. He designed the PCBs around this and created a very nice looking coaster that’s powered off of a button cell battery — he thinks it’ll last for around 6 months with daily usage — though that depends on how bad your caffeine addiction is.

To set the coaster, a strip of LED lights show you the temperature in binary (because why not?), and you can set this to whatever you want — well, whatever the maximum an 8 digit LED can display. The device uses capacitive buttons, which adds to the rather slick design aesthetic [Toni] was going for. If you like the idea, he’s entered it in the Silicon Labs low power contest, and he’d love some support.

Alternatively, you can hack a coffee maker to keep your fish toasty warm at just the right temperature.

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