Hackaday’s Omnibus Vol. 2, Now In Stock

Last month, we announced a preorder for volume two of the Hackaday Omnibus, a collection of content written over the course of this year that is the best we have to offer. Now, there is a warehouse full of deceptively heavy boxes, and the Hackaday Omnibus Vol. 2 is now in stock.

bus9Inside the second edition of the Hackaday Omnibus is 128 pages of actual, real content. There are zero ads, no sponsored content, and absolutely nothing that tells you to go out and buy something. Opening it is an experience unlike anything. Where can you read something for minutes at a time with no interruptions, no email, no Twitter, no Facebook, no text messages, and no ads? You won’t find something like this anywhere else.

The electronics, trade, and tech magazines have a long and storied history. In the 1930s, there were magazines that would teach you how to build a radio. In the 1950s, there were print articles saying fusion power was just fifty years away. The Hackaday Omnibus continues this tradition with relevant content for today: everything from car hacking and open source insulin, to retrospectives on oft-forgotten parts of our digital heritage are included. This is the best we have to offer, and we’re doing it without selling out.

Volume Two of the Hackaday Omnibus isn’t the end for our print endeavours – we’re just getting started. We’re committed to producing the best content in an interruption-free format. Print is dead, after all, and that’s why we put a skull on it.

You can purchase the Hackaday Omnibus Volume Two on the Hackaday Store.

16 thoughts on “Hackaday’s Omnibus Vol. 2, Now In Stock

  1. I just finished poking through mine not 30 seconds ago. They are absolutely fantastic! Another great job bringing HaD to print, folks. I am as amazed today as I was last year when I received the 2014 Omnibus. If anything, the HaD staff has managed to improve on something that was already awesome. Keep ’em coming!

  2. The “pre-order article” a while back had some very interesting comments about open-sourcing the HaD Omnibus. I just went back to read through them and noticed they had all been deleted…. I know the comments section needs to be patrolled to some degree, but these comments were not offensive or off subject in any way. In-fact there were some inspiring ideas in those comments. I can only assume they were deleted because talk of “open sourcing” the omnibus could just detract from HaD’s profits.

    It hurt to see comments about open sourcing hacker content get censored by a site that is trying to sell us on the value of open source products.

    I love you HaD, but the censorship-for-profit hurts. *wipes tear, kicks back and reads his Omnibus*

    1. Right, you’re completely wrong with your assertion that anyone is deleting comments about open-sourcing the Omnibus. I have full access to the entire backend here, and if any comments were deleted, I would know about it.

      Additionally, if I ever find out comments on here *are* deleted for such a stupid reason, I quit. It is insulting that you assert that Hackaday has any form of censorship ‘that would detract from HaD’s profits’. To that end, I’m going to tell you to fuck right off with anything saying we censor comments.

      If you don’t accept that explanation, or you just don’t like it, head on over to BoingBoing (heavily moderated, pro-censorship), TechCrunch (heavily moderated, circlejerkey, pro-censorship), The Verge (they turned comments off), or literally any other place on the web where comments are moderated for content, and not simply if they’re spam or contain illegal speech.

    2. Geez Brian, lay off. Not my idea of a proportional response.

      @phreaknik: We generally try not to censor comments. The moderation that we do is based on hateful, hurtful, and socially inappropriate content. Brian’s response my have reached that threshold so don’t count on that sticking around forever. But the post you’re asking about doesn’t seem to be missing content, and I would not support removing comments because they suggested more openness. Hackaday stands for the free and open exchange of information and ideas. It says that right on our about page. And for this reason, even the content specifically written for the Omnibus Volume 2 will be published on the blog. So far we’ve published three of those original articlesf and I think there are 1 or 2 more waiting to hit our front page.

      If you are still wondering if something is missing, check the snapshots from the Internet Archive and let me know what you find. My email is mike at the most obvious domain name.

    1. +1 for PDF download

      I would love to buy one, if I didn’t have to pay equal or more than the product to ship it to South Africa.
      I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt sales as the people who can afford the shipping will want to support hackaday. Those who cannot afford the shipping will never read it otherwise.

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