Finally, An Acceptable Use Of The Apple Watch

For many of us, we remember the days of the Apple Classic Macintosh. For [Erich Styger], his days of development in Pascal and Modula-2 are long over, but he still gets warm and tingly thinking back to the classic white box we knew and loved. So he decided to 3D print a Classic Mac to use as his Apple Watch charging station.

He started with an existing model on Thingiverse and modified it to better suit his needs — sharing CAD makes the design process go ever so much faster. It consists of two parts, an outer shell that looks like a Classic Mac, and an inner structure that holds the stock charger for your Apple Watch.

The result is an adorably small Classic Mac to sit on your desk in miniature form. It’s perhaps the most acceptable use of a $1000 Apple Watch we have ever seen.

Seriously though, the Apple Watch is nicely built — just take a look at the tear-down we covered.

21 thoughts on “Finally, An Acceptable Use Of The Apple Watch

  1. I had no idea the apple watch was that expensive, so I looked it up. Apparently there’s a $17k version, and every price point in between. Same guts but somehow gold plating and a different band justify a $16k delta? That’s an abuse of fanboyism if I’ve ever seen it.

    Anywho, clever little piece of CAD, this is.

      1. No such thing as an abuse of fanboyism if you ask me… If people out there are stupid enough to pay that kind of money for the same tech, then their money is probably better off in Apple’s hands anyways

    1. Gold plating? 16K is solid gold with a solid sapphire face. How did you miss that in your research?

      And Apple Watches are right around the same price as the current Moto 360 and samsung watches. They are not $1000 like you are trying to elude to. I bought one for $349 at best buy.

  2. I like it! I May do the same for my Pebble steel.
    I may model mine on a Wang Computer, one with those in-built keyboards, the classic aio style, with hilarious name.
    One things for sure, his apple dock will see an awful lot more use than my ‘Wang dock’. I only need to recharge mine every 10 days. The apple watch needs charging every night, which I find somewhat impracticality ridiculous.
    In all honesty 10 days is also bad considering since the 70’s, watches have been working their way up to two or three *year* battery lives.

    1. “Classic Macintosh” can refer to any of the pre-OS X macs, but most commonly is synonymous with “Compact Mac” meaning one of the models with a built-in black-and-white screen. The case design pictured was used on the original 128k, the 512k, and the Mac Plus, so it could be any of those. You’re right about them being beige, though. Maybe they used whiter plastic to account for the yellowing that seems to have plagued Macs of that time period. :)

      The “Macintosh Classic,” on the other hand, was (with the Mac Classic II) the last of the b/w Compact Macs. While underpowered for its time, I have to appreciate the way its clean lines neatly incorporate the floppy drive slot.

      1. When you are referring to a group of objects you do not use either capital letters or quotes. Capital letters are only used when referring to a specific product. The use of quotes is never correct in either case.

  3. I got one as a gift at work … i was thinking that it really cant be as bad as people say
    It was a real POS … without an iphone you’re basically fucked so i gave it to my dad and he even says its useless
    I have a zenwatch now and its SOOOO much better

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