$79 Smart Mirror Uses Raspberry Pi

[Nathan] wanted a smart mirror that cost less than the last one he built, which was about $500. He decided that you don’t see more smart mirrors because of the high cost. His latest build came in at only $79 (you’ll have to visit the blog’s home page to find the entire series).

The most expensive piece of the build is a 7-inch monitor ($45). Any Raspberry Pi will work, although [Nathan] uses a Pi B+. Although he managed to score a free one-way mirror from a local glass shop, you can buy one for about $13.

This is the kind of project that isn’t a big technical challenge. After all, it is a one-way mirror with an LCD screen behind it. However, getting the screen blacked out and set to provide the best possible effect is the trick and [Nathan’s] techniques will give you a head start.

You can see the mirror in the video below. We’ve seen smart mirrors that sense your presence as well as wireless mirrors before.

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  1. I’m pretty sure a 2-way mirror in front of a cheap (under USD $35) android 7″ tablet would work out costing less. And if you are super smart you just slip some metallised film between the LCD and the touch sensing layer so you can still use that function. So that would be 200% functionality for 50% of the cost.

      1. From the article above “The most expensive piece of the build is a 7-inch monitor ($45).”. So that is what the guy is building now, for twice the cost and with half the functions, that is my point.

        If you want a 10″ tablet you are looking at about USD $90, but you get WiFi with that and a camera so you can have gesture recognition as well as the usual Google voice input.

        You can graph the options for a given screen size but yeah at a certain point a cheap LCD becomes more cost effective, but definitely not below 10″.

  2. I’ve been working on a smart mirror too, but I found that the biggest expenses were the mirror itself – *not* available in my local glass shop so I’m looking at something like $60+ for a 24×12″. The rpi2 driving it is ~$35, then there’s the HDMI cable and misc bits and pieces. For the display I’m using an old flat-screen TV, but new those go for $100+. A person could get any of these cheaper or free, but I figure you need to start with a $200 budget and see where you can make savings.

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