Put Words In Your Dog’s Mouth With A Talking Dog Collar

It’s just a little past Halloween, but Adafruit’s talking dog collar, modeled after the movie Up, is still a nice fusion between crafting and hacking.

One reason that Adafruit is so popular is that every time they sell us something, they give us some of the worlds best tutorials and libraries for free. For this project they’re using their Bluetooth LE board and their Audio FX board with a few more mundane vitamins to construct the collar. We’re sure the enterprising hacker could find alternatives if they so choose.

The collar is made of leather and 3D printed props. They went with alkaline batteries rather than lithium, to keep their doggy companion a little safer. All the electronics are hidden under the various props and the wiring is routed behind the belt. To control the app, the different sound bytes are mapped to buttons on their Bluetooth-to-serial phone app.

It’s a good starter tutorial, and the concept applied differently would definitely be good for at least one good prank on a coworker or friend.


21 thoughts on “Put Words In Your Dog’s Mouth With A Talking Dog Collar

      1. What about Telemarketers They’re free, What about those organised religious types that appear at your door they’re free.

        Just because it’s free doe’s not make it good.

        If you want a bag of Dog crap for free you can have that.

    1. Look, I can understand the feeling that advertisements are 100% bad, but seeing how these people and the things that they make do nothing other than advance our understanding and accessibility, can’t we forgive them for trying to make a living from doing those things? What do you do, exactly? Don’t you think your money comes from things just like this?

  1. I got a pair of FRS walkie talkies t a rummage sale for five dollars, the charger was missing. I never did much with them, they receive the weather channels so for the moment that’s more useful.

    But, I could just hang one of these on Pokey’s collar, and then talk into the other one. An off the shelf solution.

    If I wanted to be fancy, I’d make a small keg to hide the walkie talkie, even though Pokey is not a St. Bernard.


  2. I actually think this was a very well done project, with enough details to allow an amateur hacker to mock up quite a nice little system.
    The gribbles in particular round this off as more than a mere duino tute and onto a project to throw at my daughter for Halloween.

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