Bacon Beacon

The device featured here is quite simple, but it’s well executed and involves bacon, so what’s not to like!

They take their bacon sandwiches seriously in Dundee. And let us tell you, in Scotland they make good bacon! At the co-working space where [Grant Richmond] works, people were missing out on the chance to order when someone went to the bacon sandwich emporium for a refill.

His solution was the Bacon Beacon, a nicely lasercut box with a series of buttons on top connected to a Particle Photon microcontroller. Press a button, and a node.js web app is called on a server, which in turn sends notifications to the “Fleeple”, the inhabitants of the Fleet Collective co-working space. They can then reply with the details of their order, such as their desired sauce.

The work of sending the notifications is done through Pushbullet, but the code for [Grant]’s side of things can all be found on his GitHub repository. The whole thing was put together in Dundee MakerSpace.

We have something of an affinity for bacon and cured meat products here at Hackaday, we’ve featured more than one bacon-related exploit. The Rabbit Hole hackerspace’s “Push button, receive bacon” cooking system using a laser printer fusing roller for example, an alarm clock that cooks your tasty treat, or a full cooked breakfast using workshop tools.

Please keep them coming, and resolve to make space for a bacon-related hack this year. We promise, it won’t be one of your rasher decisions.

13 thoughts on “Bacon Beacon

  1. Reminds me of the days that I would send a company wide email (maybe it was Unix “wall”) announcing my somewhat regular trip to Subway, and to let me know if they wanted me to get something…

  2. This is good. If I wasn’t retired I would have a definite use for it.

    Back in the day we had “runners” who would go round the building taking orders, before going out to get coffee and eats. In the early 90s when I ran my own “shop” I had people put together a default order, so the runner could phone round and ask “do you want the usual”. Saved a lot of time. I would add that function to this so the Fleeple just need to press one button unless they want to change their order.

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