Hackaday Invades Toronto

Next Wednesday, April 20th, Hackaday will invade Toronto.

[Sophi Kravitz] and [Michael Guilfoil] are heading north of the border to meet up with our friends at HacklabTO. They’ll be hosting a Bring A Hack meetup with drinks, snacks, and swag.

Since this is a Bring A Hack, attendees are encouraged to bring whatever project you’re working on and show it off, give a lightning talk, and pitch it to the community. [Sophi]’s last visit to Toronto brought some crazy hardware to the meetup, including a gaming glove for a Commodore 64, a demonstration of Ontario’s power plants, testing hamburgers for anything that is not beef with PCR, and analog synthesizers.

Since the Hackaday Prize is in full swing, this is an excellent opportunity to team up with fellow Torontonians for a great Prize entry, or just bounce a few ideas off people to see if your idea is feasible.

The meet and greet at the Hacklab is free, but we would request that you RSVP for the event. The event is also on Hackaday.io, just in case you’d like to chat with [Sophi] or other attendees.

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5 thoughts on “Hackaday Invades Toronto

  1. Screw Canada !!!! … well, more precisely, their border patrol goons. I will NEVER go to there. Once tried to visit a friend on a whim over a weekend when staying in Seattle. The “butch” woman border patrol – uh, person, did nothing but give me a hard time over some tools in a pelican case in the trunk of my rental car. Claiming I wanted to enter Canada to work… like wtf ? After wasting about 45 min arguing with the POS, I was denied entry (now mind you, i’m a military contractor with military issued ID). So as South Park proudly proclaims PH-uck Canada !!!!! – do NOT give them any of your tourism dollars !!!

    1. I suppose you think that the US Border Guards simply welcome non Americans with open arms? The US Border guards can be just as nasty. Given that you stated that you argued with the Border Guard for 45 minutes probably had a lot more to do with you being denied entry. Try arguing with a US Border Guard for any length of time and see where you end up… I suspect you will get a lot more in return than simply being denied entry.

    2. I resolved to go to the US as little as possible because of the US border checks/guards :) There is even a special area of the airport in Toronto where you are pre-screened if going to the USA (USA only). Makes you think, is the US really a guarded paradise, or a barbed wire jail :)

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