World Create Day: A Subcontinent, An Island Continent, And Asia

Hackaday’s own World Create Day is just two days away. This Saturday, April 23rd, the Hackaday community will rise up, come together, have fun, share a few stories, and build something cool in the process.

ausasiaWhen we announced World Create Day a few weeks ago, we were inundated with responses. Hackerspaces across the globe have offered up their spaces for the Hackaday community to brainstorm the latest entries for The Hackaday Prize.

We have hackerspaces from Islamabad to Adelaide and from Mumbai to Shenzhen opening their doors to the world. If you’re near any of these events, join in on the festivities. If you don’t see one in your neck of the woods, you can still host your own meetup. Just click here to get your town on the map.

What’s going on at these meetups? [Robert] and [Steven] in Adelaide are planning several events including a meet and greet, a few lightning talks, and snacks. They’re also live streaming their event. Maker’s Asylum in Mumbai is doing project demos and forming some teams for the Hackaday Prize. It’s going to be a great event at every hackerspace, and the largest distributed meetup we’ve ever done. Don’t miss this.

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3 thoughts on “World Create Day: A Subcontinent, An Island Continent, And Asia

  1. Went to Toronto’s hacklab – Bring a Hack last night.

    This was my first time going to a hackaday event, had a great time The room was full with people sitting and standing along the sides and back. Loved all the talks. There were some realy good ones.
    Sorry but I am bad with names. And I will not mention all of the talks and not in any order. There were talks on light pollotion in Toronto, Building a Eco helping robot, A excellent light show with 5 meter long 1 meter high led screen bill board using WS2812 Individually Addressable Digital RGB LED, Mesh network and so much more.
    Great time plan on going next year and might even talk.
    I’m guessing they will be listing some of the things on there web site

    Great showing People.

    P.S. Has anyone tried using the weldplastic/rubber for joining venal floors in there printers at all? It is like a very soft plastic or harder rubber. Im going to give hacklab some to try on a 3D printer. I had my 3D printer broken before I got it done to try.
    I have 3 or more manufactures “tarkett and Marmoweld” they melt around 350 o. They are old And I got about 100 roles of them. I traded him for 4 dewalts led lites I made for him to use with his little robot welder and his men.

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