The Ultimate Traveler’s Toolkit

Looking for a better way to store your tools during transportation? While we certainly wouldn’t recommend trying to check this thing as a carry-on (oh and prepare for it to be searched even in checked luggage), this clever use of a road case is probably one of the best tool boxes we’ve ever seen.

This is [Robb Godshaw’s] tool box. It’s been developed over the past five years as he’s become a skilled maker. You might remember him best from his ironic project “Why are we limited to C-Clamps?” — a clamp offering of the entire alphabet.

He also picked up the road case close to home for Hackaday — at Apex Electronics Surplus in LA — one of our favorite places to find parts. But the most clever part of the project is the way he’s divided the case for different tools.

Using perforated steel and a whole lot of magnets, most tools are super easy to take in and out of this case, with additional sorting containers for smaller parts. Just watch the following time-lapse to see everything he’s managed to fit inside!

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9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Traveler’s Toolkit

  1. Packing an empty flare gun or starter pistol requires you to declare it as a firearm and secure the case against unauthorized access. It can only be searched in your presence which should assuage any fears of sticky fingers.

    Of course it adds travel time for you, but it’s legal in all jurisdictions.

    1. I was just going to suggest that. I forget where I originally read it…

      The airliners hate it, and sometimes charge extra for the privilege, but the net result is that your checked luggage gets examined in your presence and, once cleared, you get to put a real lock on the unit such that there’s serious consequences if it’s bypassed before being returned to your custody.

      I’ve never done it myself, but have been tempted to just to see how much of a hassle it is for when I do need it.

  2. Yay. He bought mostly good quality tools! Though using magnets sucks for a travel case. One good jolt down the stairs and everything is at the bottom of the case. If you used magnets strong enough to hold then everything becomes magnetized which has other issues, especially with calipers.

    When I used to do remote service for welding equipment I had a suitcase with individual pockets for stuff. That kept everything in place for me.

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