Battletech Case Mod Displays Awesome Woodwork, Hides Hacks

[S.PiC] has been working on a computer case styled to look like the Vulture mech from Battletech. We’re not sure if his serious faced cat approves or not, but we do.

The case is made from artfully cut plywood. We kind of hope he keeps the wood aesthetic. However, that would be getting dangerously close to steampunk. So perhaps a matching paint job at the end will do. In some of the videos we can how he’s cleverly incorporated the computer’s components into the design of the case. For example, the black mesh on the front actually hides the computer’s power supply intake fan.

The computer inside is a small micro-itx formfactor one. Added as peripherals to it [S.Pic] has pulled out the hacker-electronics-tricks bible. From hand soldered LED grids to repurposed Nokia LCD screens, he has it all. In one video we can even see the turret of the mech rotating under its own power.

It looks like the build still has a few more steps before completion, but it’s already impressive enough to be gladly worth the useful table space consumed on any hacker’s desk. Video after the break.

25 thoughts on “Battletech Case Mod Displays Awesome Woodwork, Hides Hacks

    1. I hate to be *that guy* (sorry, couldn’t resist) but given the level of craftsmanship, this is definitely *not* a hack.
      BTW did he custom make his soldering station too, or is it a commercial model?

        1. Sir, with greatest respect, You are not seeing the forest because of all the trees (exchange “the forest” with “the trolls” and “trees” with “bipedal ugly tailed beasts”.

    2. “Opinion pieces,” “leave the hacks out of it” Last I checked the site is called “”, this site probably is not for you…. just pointing it out…..

  1. Overall this build is fantastic but I can’t help but to cringe at those Philips head (star) screws. They just look so far out of place. It’s so distracting when you are looking at a modern techno-artistic build to then see those ugly retro Philips screws.

    Even glue (bonding/ liquid nails) would be better.

    For a pro tip – use a softer non-ply wood and internal corner square (FJ) so that you can screw from the inside. Then *any* screws from the outside can be for aesthetics. Perhaps you can use glued internal corner square as it is otherwise twice as many screws.

    All the same excellent build.

    1. Stock might be another story though. Went to a con a few years back with a buddy of mine, and MechJock brought 6(SIX!) mech pods, the fancy ones where you sit in them and you have 7ish displays(1 for viewport and the other 6 for various status, map, weapon and target readouts) and my buddy and I took out multiple groups, landing in the top two slots every match, using stock Vultures vs Madcat, Thor, and Loki mechs. Pound for pound, we should have lost, we were outgunned, and after a few rounds, outmatched when everyone teamed up against the two of us, but we came out on top each game. I still have the readouts of the matches with the highlights from each one, was so much fun :P

      1. Yeah probably, I like to stick improbable Ultra AC-20s in my mechs if they’ll fit. There’s a Hunchback II-C in the Mektek version of MW4: Mercs, a medium mech with two LBX-20s and jump jets. Seems a bit unbalanced to me. Take the jets off, add a bit more armour and I could probably take on an Atlas and win. In fact I might…

        I haven’t seen one of those networked pods, but I’d really love to have a go.

      2. Actually talking of Vultures, that little son of a bitch Fen Cheng is one I make a point of taking out early in Solaris battles. He’s replaced his usual missiles with 2 Arrow-IVs. Really stings!

        I play MW4: Mercs on a constant loop pretty much, LOVE that game! You can still download it for free, legally.

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