Hackaday Links: June 5, 2016

CERN is having a hackathon. It’s in October, yes, but the registration is closing on the 15th of June. They’ve been doing this every year, and the projects that come out of this hackathon are as diverse as infrastructure-less navigation, cosmic ray detectors, and inflatable refrigerators.

Have one of those solder fume extractors? Here’s an obvious improvement. [polyglot] put a strip of LEDs around the frame of his solder fume extractor to put a little more light on the subject.

A few months ago, [Bunnie] started work on a book. It was the Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen. It’s made for hardware hackers to figure out how to buy stuff in Shenzhen, using a neat point-and-understand interface. Those books are now being shipped to people around the globe. I got one, and here’s the mini-review: it’s awesome. Is it a complete travel guide? No, but if you dropped me off at Hong Kong International, I could probably 1) Make it to Shenzhen 2) Buy random LEDs 3) Find a hotel 4) Get a beer 5) Not die. Pics below.

You’re hackers, and that means you’re the people who build stuff for all those ‘makers’ out there. Don’t have an MBA? No problem, [Dave Jones] has your back. He re-did his Economics of Selling Hardware video from several years ago. It’s 25 minutes long, and gives you enough information so you’re not a complete idiot at the business end of design.

Like Raspberry Pis stuffed into things? Here’s a Pi Zero stuffed into a MegaDrive cartridge. Now someone grab a Sonic and Knuckles cart, build a ROM reader, and do a proper cart-reading emulator.

If you’re into R/C, you know about Flite Test. They’re the folks that make crazy, crazy model planes out of Dollar Tree foam board, and have gotten hundreds of people into the hobby. Flite Test is having their own con, Flight Fest, in a little over a month. It’s in Ohio, and from last year’s coverage of the event, it looks like a really cool time.

So, No Man’s Sky is coming out soon. It’s a space game set in a procedurally generated, infinite galaxy. Does anyone have any idea on how to form a Hackaday clan? Somebody should start a Hackaday clan/alliance/thing. I’ll meet you guys at the core.

19 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: June 5, 2016

  1. WOW! No Man’s Sky looks amazing!
    I haven’t played a video game in ages. This may be the one I purchase a new computer for!
    I will be waiting for the reviews. Awesome trailers on their site. :O

  2. Hey Brian…I have some really stuck on gunk on my stove and I can’t get it off. I’m looking for some advice on using gasoline for cleaning my kitchen. Could you let me know if that’s safe or not? Maybe I can enter my kitchen cleaning gasoline dispenser in the hackathon! Or even a kickstarter you can promote for me!!!

    Love always,

    1. I’d suggest you splash the gasoline around. Remember, it’s the vapors that do the cleaning.

      Edit: (Ha! I can edit my comments) AC is a really, really low-quality troll. It’s not even clever. I don’t care what you people do in your free time, and I don’t care what you post in the hackaday comments. If you’re going to do something, at least take a little pride in it. AC, your really embarrassing yourself at this point.

      1. And do you know what is really good at masking the gas smell, cigarette smoke, splash the gas and light up and the gas smell will be the least of your problems.

      2. Congrats on pointing out your special powers till be able to edit comments. Now that we know it is possible, how about sharing it with the masses. I mean that is probably one of the most requested features by commenters.

    2. AC is such a dumbass, and I’m a newbie. Troll with some respect! Can’t you at least pretend to be smart? Try using diesel fuel, much safer. Lol.
      And blow the dust away with propane! Keep that work-center clean!

      1. Diesel’s barely flammable. I’ve thrown matches into a pool of it, the matches get wet and go out. It takes mechanics to make diesel burn.

        The “troll” btw is a reference to Brian’s serious advice, against the concerned advice of people who know more than him about the subject, that PVC pipe is good to use for storing compressed air. Not just advice, a whole article. I can only think that’s some barely subconscious trolling on Brian’s part.

        Thing is, it’s not like there aren’t plenty of other things to store air in that are much safer.

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