Giant-Scale Physical Pong

At first, we thought we were having deja vu, but then we saw this video embedded below. [Thijs Eerens] is a creative technologist (dare we say, a “hacker”?) who builds giant-scale games for a living. For the Lowlands festival in the Netherlands, he contributed to the build of a huge Pong game that looks as big as a cinema screen.

The paddles appear to be controlled by pulling ropes, and the “ball” is driven around on a system of wires and stepper motors. Code running in the background tracks the player paddles, drives the ball, and keeps score. From the video, there seem to be sound effects involved. It looks like a lot of fun.

[Thijs] has worked on more than his fair share of giant games, and we’re interested to see what comes up next. Meanwhile, if you missed the beautifully executed tabletop mechanical Pong that we featured a few months ago, go check it out.

14 thoughts on “Giant-Scale Physical Pong

  1. I was gonna be all enthusiastic about it, at the least cuz theres finally something from the Netherlands on HAD (that isnt from Sprite_TM) and then they go and lose my respect 5secs into the video with that idiotic horn bs, jesus christ.

  2. So we moved to the Netherlands a few years ago. I showed this video to my girlfriend without showing her any text. She said it’s weird and pointless and looks like something someone would come up with in the Netherlands, then commented on the tents in the background and said it looks like one of those strange festivals.

    Nailed it!

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