3D Printing Real People Is Scary

There are only two ways of creating two perfect copies of a person: 3D printing and twins. 3D printing magician [Simon] the Sorcerer 3D-printerer uses his secret knowledge to create the perfect illusion: A 3D-printing-real-people prank.

You may have become skeptical about claims made by the marketing campaigns behind new 3D printers, but non-tech-savvy customers of department stores believe anything. [Simon] tells them he can scan a real person and 3D-print a life-sized copy in minutes. Moreover, the copy is almost indistinguishable from the original. It also responds to simple voice commands, walks around and does the robot.

The prank victims are reluctant to believe, but [Simon] isn’t shy to demonstrate his incredible machine by copying a shill member of the audience. Look closely, we didn’t even spoil actual copying mechanism. But can you also figure out how the well-built prop fakes the build process? Enjoy the show.

38 thoughts on “3D Printing Real People Is Scary

  1. I assume that the “Audience” is in on the joke. There is an obvious mirror right behind the ‘Print head’ but there is about 5 feet of empty space above the printer, and there is no way someone could contort into that short of a space and still come out standing up.
    They conveniently don’t show the very top of the machine when someone is coming out until they are far enough down not to show.

    I’ll agree it’s not-a-hack since its just a camera trick, and there isn’t anything even slightly interesting about it otherwise.

          1. That would be closest tech. I didnt see massive PLA rolls or immersive emulsifier tank or anything else that would provide mass needed. Was actually thinkin’ pre-formatted android blanks like Futurama. Not as classy as Trek replicator. But noooo just a gag.

      1. They would bolt to the far supply isle and each grab a 25 cent pitchfork. Then they would charge at him yelling witch witch! Fortunately for him the cheaply made tines would fall off rather than puncture his skin. Not so lucky, he might need a tetanus shot if one of them touches him.

  2. This is pretty lame, a better one I saw recently there was a guy handing out nachos on the street and on the table there was a machine dispensing cheese and you could tell it was cheese because on the front there was a picture of a wheel of cheese, so anyway the victim takes some free nachos and goes to squirt some cheese on them but guess what actually a whole wheel of cheese falls out onto the nachos, just like the picture indicated it would!
    I couldn’t stop laughing.

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