Hackaday Prize Entry: A Cluster Of Exoskeletons

The current trend of 3D printed prosthetic hands have one rather large drawback: you can’t use them if you already have two hands. This might seem like a glib objection, but one of last week’s Hackaday Prize posts pointed this out rather well – sometimes a meat machine needs mechanical assistance.

BEOWULF, [Chad Paik]’s entry for the Hackaday Prize, is the answer to this problem. It’s a mechanical exoskeleton for grip enhancement, stroke rehabilitation, and anyone else that doesn’t have the strength they need to get through the day.

This project solves the problem of weak arm strength through – you guessed it – 3D-printed parts, a linear actuator on the forearm, and a few force sensors on the fingertips. Control is obtained through a Thalmic Labs Myo, but the team behind the BEOWULF is currently working on a custom muscle activity sensor that is more compact and isn’t beholden to VC investors. You can check out a video of this exoskeleton below.


5 thoughts on “Hackaday Prize Entry: A Cluster Of Exoskeletons

  1. Nice idea. Needs some work in attaching the actuator to the glove. Otherwise whit excessive force you’ll hurt your arm or put all the strain on your wrist, but those are just small problems I’m sure will be solved.
    But, the moment I saw it I immediately thought about replacing the linear actuator with a hydraulic syringe, small, cheap and capable of great forces. Though hydraulics have their drawbacks, the benefit could be that the audible noise of the motor could be reduced or relocated/hidden. But then again… the motor sound is what it makes look cool (at least to me).
    Can’t wait to see how this evolves. Thanks for posting.

  2. Sorry Jan, but your comments violate several unspoken rules for the comments section here at HAD. Only negative comments are allowed – rarely will constructive ideas and suggestions such as yours be deemed acceptable. And we never thank anyone for posting, regardless of how much time and energy they may have invested.

  3. Yes, Jan, please refrain from encouragement and positive feedback, it is unbecoming as a member of this community.

    How strong of an assistance is this?
    Can a person with ALS use it to carry a liter of water?
    What plans for improvement are there?
    Do you intend to expand the unit to the whole arm?

  4. We need chest hands! We need hands on a more mini frame that can comfortably be worn over the back and to the front. The chest hands need to be fully articulated, with human gentleness.
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    Seriously though, the bra needs an upgrade. You can study c++ until your blue in the face but redesign the bra and you are a G-D!
    We need more weird science! Less sophistication, more revenge of the nerds!
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