A Trove Of Arcade Projects

[Ryan Bates] loves arcade games, any arcade games. Which is why you can find claw machines, coin pushers, video games, and more on his website.

We’ve covered his work before with his Venduino project. We also really enjoyed his 3D printed arcade joystick based off the design of a commercial variant. His coin pushing machine could help some us finally live our dream of getting a big win out of the most insidious gambling machine at arcades meant for children.

Speaking of frustrating gambling machines for children, he also built his own claw machine. Nothing like enabling test mode and winning a fluffy teddy bear or an Arduino!

It’s quite a large site and there’s good content hidden in nooks and crannys, so explore. He also sells kits, but it’s well balanced against a lot of open source files if you’d like to do it yourself. If you’re wondering how he gets it all done, his energy drink review might provide a clue.

4 thoughts on “A Trove Of Arcade Projects

  1. It must be the day for it I just bought my first video arcade machine this morning – Technos Wrestlefest . It doesn’t work apparently and the case is a bit waterdamaged but nothing like a challenge.

  2. I absolutely love coin pushers. I’m thinking about putting one of these in my office’s break room. The only problem it, it seems to accept any coin. I’d like to build one that only accepts quarters. I looked online for coin rejection mechanisms for vending/arcade machines, but they all came up a little pricey. I was trying to think of a more simplistic way of doing this. Any idea’s/links? I thought of a simple ramp with holes up to the size of a quarter, but there doesn’t seem to be enough clearance between the coin “slot” and where the coins land to allow for that.

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