40-Acre HAARP Rides Again, And They Want You To Listen

News comes to us this week that the famous HAARP antenna array is to be brought back into service for experiments by the University of Alaska. Built in the 1990s for the US Air Force’s High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, the array is a 40-acre site containing a phased array of 180 HF antennas and their associated high power transmitters. Its purpose it to  conduct research on charged particles in the upper atmosphere, but that hasn’t stopped an array of bizarre conspiracy theories being built around its existence.

The Air Force gave up the site to the university a few years ago, and it is their work that is about to recommence. They will be looking at the effects of charged particles on satellite-to-ground communications, as well as over-the-horizon communications and visible observations of the resulting airglow. If you live in Alaska you may be able to see the experiments in your skies, but residents elsewhere should be able to follow them with an HF radio. It’s even reported that they are seeking reports from SWLs (Short Wave Listeners). Frequencies and times will be announced on the @UAFGI Twitter account. Perhaps canny radio amateurs will join in the fun, after all it’s not often that the exact time and place of an aurora is known in advance.

Tinfoil hat wearers will no doubt have many entertaining things to say about this event, but for the rest of us it’s an opportunity for a grandstand seat on some cutting-edge atmospheric research. We’ve reported in the past on another piece of upper atmosphere research, a plan to seed it with plasma from cubesats, and for those of you that follow our Retrotechtacular series we’ve also featured a vintage look at over-the-horizon radar.

HAARP antenna array picture: Michael Kleiman, US Air Force [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

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      1. California is so forward thinking. That they forethought no need of dams and reservoirs. All overflow can go to the sea. Hence droughts. And since there are less dams, a more than normal rain fall causes floods and over-fill of dams that do exist.

        There are two purposes for dams. Holding water for in time of need, electric power generation. If done right hydroelectric power generation is most effective. High level dams pooling to lower level dams all generating power at each stage. The last dam pool holds the farming and drinking water.

        Allowing water to flow to the sea is just plain stupid.

    1. It is in China, they cloud seed billions of cubic meters of rainwater every year, or so they claim. But that doesn’t mean they know what they are doing, particularly when theory says that a butterfly’s fart can start, or prevent, a hurricane on the opposite side of the world.

  1. we dont need an extended hard winter because you dont like the violence of war.

    i.e. haarp used as a weapon can cause flooding rains in some places that can slow or stop troop movement like operation popeye did to the vietnam war

    1. You can’t trigger rain that isn’t already there.
      Unless you’ve got some antimatter space laser to boost evaporation you can’t extend the monsoon season. Even then an average hurricane/cyclone represents 6 years of current global energy production. Even your average thunderstorm represents a couple terajoules. We don’t have the resources to meaningfully manipulate the weather, <15% more rain from cloud seeding is a joke.

        1. By the time we’re manipulating TJ quantities of sustained energy we’re also approaching a Kardashev 1 level civilization so assuming that arms race operates similar to history, we’ll have means of dealing with TJ’s of damage. Or a more optimistically, we’ll have solved most of our petty grievances.
          More likely some party will catastrophically demonstrate their mastery and we’ll collectively decide that, like nukes, these weapons are a Bad Idea(TM).
          Arguably we’re already masters of TJ (kiloton) and PJ (megaton) levels of energy. At Megaton levels significant portions of the energy goes into space and doesn’t damage the target so though technologically impressive, they’re inefficient in warfare. Who’s to say how much more effective TJ levels of sustained energy are.

  2. This isn’t a hack, it fact it is lame and BORING!

    You know what a hack is, a hack is using that thing to scan the sky over the north pole and create a huge POV aurora display to troll the Norwegians with.

          1. There is a bowl of petunias coming also. They haven’t figured how to deal with it though. The whale will be cooked by the time it hits the ground and will shatter into millions of blubber steaks.

          2. “You know, the most amazing thing happened to me tonight. I was coming here, on the way to the lecture, and I came in through the parking lot. And you won’t believe what happened. I saw a car with the license plate ARW 357. Can you imagine? Of all the millions of license plates in the state, what was the chance that I would see that particular one tonight? Amazing!”
            –R.P. Feynman

    1. so a report on how natural environmental disasters affect world security is proof that HAARP is a weapon?

      the primary examples in that report were based on the spanish landslide in the 90’ies among other notable natural disasters.

      please enlighten me, where in the report is your proof?

  3. Quote: “They will be looking at the effects of charged particles on satellite-to-ground communications, as well as over-the-horizon communications and visible observations of the resulting airglow.”

    Interesting. That remarks is coming close to what I suspect was the primary goal of HAARP, to stablize and enhance HF military communications, particularly in case communications satellites are taken out. The ionosphere can be very variable. The hope was that, if you excited it with enough RF, it’d become more predictable.
    That interests me because recently I’ve been trying to understand how both sides in WWII communicated. It seems to have been mostly on HF frequencies in the 3-10 MHz range and primarily using encrypted texts sent by Morse code, although RTTY was used between fixed locations. As a kid I used Command sets intended for WWII bombers for my ham transmitters on 80 and 40 meters. They cost only about $10, but must have cost many times that to build.

    HF radio still has one enormous advantage. It requires no in-the-middle technology such as satellites or cables. All that’s needed is what is at both ends and, of course, that highly variable ionosphere. When you’re talking about tactical communications, you want 100% reliability.

    Here’s some details about that HAARP broadcast:

    The Luxembourg broadcast will begin as early as 6 p.m. on 19 and 20 February Alaska Standard Time (AKST) and conclude by 6:40 p.m. In Coordinate Universal Time (UTC), the broadcasts will begin as early as 03:00 on 20 and 21 February and conclude by 03:40. Tune in to 2.7 MHz or 3.3 MHz (2700 KHz or 3300 KHz), or both! The program is approximately 10 minutes in duration and will repeat until 6:40 p.m. AKST or 03:40 UTC.


    Those who don’t have an HF radio might want to get up to speed with using SDR (software-defined radios) available online. That’ll also enable you to listen from far-away locations. You can find a list of them here:


    Most seem to be located in Europe. We could use more here.

    –Mike Perry, WA4MP

  4. Have been skeptical of said theories, Not a lot added up but made some sense (that is how they, IMHO Fake, theorists get you, lol)

    Note… Saw the “Theories” and especially where people wanting to visit these sites had “Violent display towards protestors”.

    I was in Wales for a holiday and thought of popping by the HAARP facility there.
    I asked what they do there and explained a rough idea of what I believe is their main purpose (Research facility, included a maybe about weather control based experiments, with emphasis on the maybe) and asked them for a show around.
    After jokingly asking me if I was a “Chemtrailer” they let me in.

    Plenty to look around and because I was an unexpected guest: If they had anything to hide, I would of known about it!

    (In other words HAARP conspiracy debunked by myself by simply visiting HAARP!)

    Yet I still think the American Govt pulled down three towers. Though from what I gather: it seems more like an embarrassing and lethal accident, an “it wasn’t me!!” moment in history.
    I.e. they knew what was to be attacked, by whom and tried to minimize damage but pulled down the towers too early and cost lives. All because of uncertainty.
    My guess would of been if the planes never hit, then the explosives would of been removed from the building, the planned renovation works commencing and unharmed people getting on with their lives because nothing happened.
    If I was American and running the US, then I’d given everybody a week off by warning (only the building staff) of the impending incident and taken the full brunt of any insurance situation should nothing happened.

    1. Proof-read fail: “Violent display towards protestors”. after saying someone visiting sounds like the visitor was violent towards protestors.

      In that case it should of read as the visitor was the (note: falsely acclaimed) victim of the HAARP staff violence

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