Cheap And Easy Emergency Butane Stove

Homemade stoves are a very popular hack, you can find a zillion videos on YouTube, mostly on alcohol stoves, and they work great. Less common are butane fueled stoves, but [Thomas Kim] has uploaded a video on a super easy and cheap butane stove.

Like many other DIY stoves, the body is a soda aluminum can. After sealing the top side with aluminum foil, you just need to drill some holes in it. Other necessary components are a metal tube and a syringe needle that acts as flow regulator. [Thomas Kim] makes an interesting fixture that is attached to the can and lets you control the pressure on the can valve and adjust the flame of the stove via a couple of screws.

The stove works great. It is a nice and simple project if you want to start experimenting with these stoves. Safety is important of course, working ventilated area and protect the butane source from heat (in this case the feed tube keeps it away from the burner). Some other projects you may find interesting are this easy rocket stove, or  even this project to make your own briquettes from waste materials. Enjoy and stay safe.

25 thoughts on “Cheap And Easy Emergency Butane Stove

  1. not sure of any scenario where i’d find myself in the possession of butane refills and soda cans but not also finding stuff to feed a penny stove or rocket stove.

    I wonder how easy it is to get this to run hot enough to be a problem for the can. Ive done that a few times attempting to do a rocket stove with aluminum cans instead of steel soup cans.

    1. In a survival situation, you could find yourself with organic waste in a pit, covered with an inverted bucket to collect the methane into a hose, pressurized by a few rocks on the bottom.

  2. Alcohol stoves are working really really bad. I mean when you use them outdoors. Even slightest amount of wind and effectivity falls to zero. I’ve been cooking on alcohol while on hikes and ended up buying butane stove. Alcohol experience was quite terrible.

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