Give Your Bench Power Supply A Helping Hand

[Sverd Industries] have created a pretty cool bench power supply integrating soldering helping hands into the build. This helps free up some much-needed bench space along with adding that wow factor and having something that looks unique.

The build is made from a custom 3D printed enclosure (Thingiverse files here), however if you have no access to a 3D printer  you could always just re-purpose or roll your own instrument enclosure. Once the enclosure is taken care of, they go on to install the electronics. These are pretty basic, using a laptop PSU with its output attached to the input of a boost/buck module. They did have to change the potentiometers from those small PCB mounted pots to full size ones of the same value though. From there they attach 4 mm banana sockets to the output along with a cheap voltmeter/ammeter LCD module. Another buck converter is attached to the laptop PSU’s output to provide 5 V for a USB socket, along with a power switch for the whole system.

Where this project really shines is the integrated helping hands. These are made from CNC cooling tubes with alligator clips super glued to the end, then heat shrink tubing is placed over the jaws to stop any accidental short circuiting while using them.

This isn’t a life changing hack but it is quite a clever idea if space is a hot commodity where you do your tinkering, plus a DIY bench power supply is almost a rite of passage for the budding hacker.

12 thoughts on “Give Your Bench Power Supply A Helping Hand

  1. Ha! Perfect inspiration. (not perfect match, but close enough)
    All I’ll need it to find some heavy base to mount them on.

    Those should also work great as probe holders (there was a fully 3D printed project for such arms a while ago).

      1. Yeah, that listing is just indicative. For the benefit of whoever stumbles over those comments. Pricing and availability on Aliexpress are in constant flux, sometimes within the same day.
        The one Sverd Industries mention is (currently!) not available anymore. Today some (new?) listings showed up at a decent price though: – right now US$ 3.99/3.98 for 6 pieces. Bonus, they don’t have the valve at the base, so are easier and nicer to mount for this use case.

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