11 thoughts on “Putting Wind In VR By Watching The Audio Signal

  1. to do this for a single game you could hook into the process and grab the object’s velocity, or the wind audio volume, etc.

    Detecting wind sound and somehow deducing airspeed doesn’t seem reliable approach, maybe all the VR API’s should by default include a way to store information about headset virtual velocity and temperature, g-forces etc, ..
    Even if it’s not used now, games will already be compatible with future sets, and we can all have a blast trying all sorts of ludicrous enhancements already.

    1. This has been done since 286SX PC bike simulators. There was a game I cant remember the name of, popular with many that got tricked out with exercise bikes as controllers and floor fans to simulate wind. This also only used the rectified smoothed audio output, but it was easy as wind sound was the majority of the audio in that game.

    2. I like to know if any study has been done by the guys to see if it’s actually possible to distinguish between wind and other sounds in other people’s VR software enough to make this viable. Even with neural networks.
      Seeing it’s a kickstarter I have my doubts they did.
      For instance they often put ambient ‘droning’ sounds in, or the sound of fire (or light saber type things), or ‘plasma’ sounds in SciFi type stuff, which might be hard to tell apart without visual cues.

    1. Odd choice of word ‘gross’
      But on the subject of the design, having it blow on my checks would both tickle and annoy me, I’d prefer a more distant fan, although with VR you’d need to also get the direction of the wind then really and have a number of fans to pick from and it would get rather complex.

      The original Philips ambx device for PC with the colored lights had also attachment for fans BTW (and rumble, but that’s another thing) , which games could address to do the same. It didn’t get much uptake though and only few games even used the back of the monitor lights, let alone fans. And I hear the modern version of the back monitor lights also has an issue with support so although these things have a fanbase it constantly runs into support issues.

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