We’re Hiring: Come Join Us!

The Hackaday writing crew goes to great lengths to cover all that is interesting to engineers and engineering enthusiasts. We find ourselves stretched a bit thin and it’s time to ask for help. Want to lend a hand while making some extra dough to plow back into your projects? These are work-from-home (or wherever you like) positions and we’re looking for awesome, motivated people to help guide Hackaday forward!

Contributors are hired as private contractors and paid for each article. You should have the technical expertise to understand the projects you write about, and a passion for the wide range of topics we feature. If you’re interested, please email our jobs line, and include:

  • Details about your background (education, employment, etc.) that make you a valuable addition to the team
  • Links to your blog/project posts/etc. which have been published on the Internet
  • One example post written in the voice of Hackaday. Include a banner image, at least 150 words, the link to the project, and any in-links to related and relevant Hackaday features

What are you waiting for? Ladies and Gentlemen, start your applications!

55 thoughts on “We’re Hiring: Come Join Us!

  1. An opportunity for the haters to back up all the BS claims they make about the content on HaD. Now’s you chance to show us all the REAL hacks, with your encyclopedic knowledge of all technologies and methods.

    Spoilers: None of them will even put in for it.

    1. Yeah eevblog is probably a better fit for you. A lot of the knowledgeable types around here just like to show off their polysyllabic hooplah (despite not even knowing basic electrical transmission stats as per previous article). I have seen probably 6 projects in my time here at HaD get helpful comments that propel the project further. had.io is a little different story. I come here for the shark tank atmosphere and armchair pedants tearing projects apart worse than a judge on RuPaul’s Dragrace lol. Each site has its use though. Hope you find someone to chat about your interests with.

    2. What a dick. No wonder you can’t find anyone to talk to. Have you seen the resumes of these guys? It is a skill to be able to communicate w/o condescending so that’s at least one skill we know you lack. Please go to EEVblog. We all beg you. Don’t dirty your greatness with our unwashed stupidity here.

      1. Indeed. We can’t all be ‘super heroes’ as the Americans would say.

        While I can’t speak for the forums as I’ve never visited them, the comments left on some of the videos have to be seen to be believed.

        The last thing I remember looking at was a discussion on a simple centre-tapped ‘transformer’ used in a wireless charging system.

        The purpose behind this simple arrangement of ‘two coils’ and two diodes apparently involved:

        Double coil to increase current handling
        antiparralel [sic] coils
        conserving the battery without a big capacitor
        balanced current waveform in antiphase

        You ought to have seen the abuse heaped on the poor bugger who not only ‘dared’ to correctly identify it, but also explain how it worked.

        One might say the experience ‘soured’ me on the whole site.

    3. Well, no bites on that “quadropole mass spectrometer” discussion you’re having over on eevblog just yet, but quiet or not, I guess it beats getting ripped a new one over here by lesser minds than yours.

      1. Unless someone in blackmailing either or both of you into visiting the site and taking part in the discussions, you are quite free to leave and never darken their doorstep again.

        Alternatively, you could simply accept that a large proportion of the people who visit here are from an engineering, scientific or similar background. They are going to dissect any project featured. They are going to want to know how it works, are there any potential problems, can it be made better, is there an alternative way of doing it.

        Naturally there are people who simply criticise for the sake of it, but you get those everywhere so it’s something you’ll just have to learn to live with.

        Oh yes, and the ability to recognise sarcasm and/or humour might be helpful…

    4. I was born with no sweat glands (XLHED) and no I don’t want them hacked in now… maybe future offspring though chic’s do dig hairless legs… ok… where was I… oh yeah… get to the point… so I’m on the mentality of 100% inspiration and no perspiration.

      You can think of me as a real civil servant with executive blunders and all. A real advocate.

    1. Very much not true. We’re all over the world, not just the US. I’m in Oxford, UK, for example.

      To serve our community of readers we need to represent it. Applications welcome, wherever you are.

    1. If it’s like most other per-article blogs that pay, it’s enough for some decent side income but not a sustainable wage. The trick is to be good enough in your field (or else good enough at writing period) to write for several publications daily. That is sustainable, if you’ve got the talent. I’ve had cold offers at a few places where I am active in the community/forum and putting those offers together, I could probably go part time at my daily job, but I’d never give up the security of it altogether.

      1. I can starve fine…. just so HAD covers any out of my ordinary expenses incurred with their knowledge and in pursuit of their interest and goals. And yes, I do have a tent.

    1. Writing single articles isn’t going to make you rich. Or really, it’s not going to pay many bills. Scalzi seems to have made a pretty good living copywriting before he got his multi-million-dollar Tor contract (well, copywriting, article writing, book writing and landlording).

  2. It’d be cool to get someone with some RE or exploit-dev skills on the staff. I don’t need the money and don’t really like the “culture” of marketing companies else I’d give it a try..

  3. I applied once some while back but did not make a huge professional presentation out of it… just a rather complete synopsis because, after all, they’re after the hacking not the pro stuff, or so I thought. Didn’t realize I was supposed to put on a dress suit before pressing send. Not my style anyways. Dad taught me electronics starting in kindergarten… and 5th grade learned you don’t hand your friend a 90V battery that looks like just a giant 9v simply because he thinks it’ll be no big deal touching it to his tongue…. places I’ve worked and things I’ve done since then are all BECAUSE of my hacking… and it’s been fruitful, fun, good. Electronics school they wanted me to drop the books and start teaching, said no… so they had me tutor others. Retired at 57, but HAD had no interest. Not a peep. Honestly thought they wanted a hacker…

    Can’t tell ya what they want.

  4. Hmm, why wouldn’t you just make it where someone gets approved to write articles, but then their work still has to go through an editing process (not every article they write would be published). This way you could have more people with a wider rage of knowledge and fields writing for you. Then you, the editors, weed through to get better articles. Maybe you could have it where they get paid for article submission and then paid additionally if you decide to publish it on your site.

    1. My guess is; HR tasks and processes as well as accounting for easier managed business operations. Like I’m thinking from my Project Management background dealing with Executives like I don’t want random hidden variables coming into the equation or programming… pun intended.

  5. Don’t hire TOO many writers. There are a couple tech blog sites (cough: Adafruit) that I stopped reading because there were just too many articles to wade through. 5 to 10 stories a day – ok. Three dozen … not so much (or at least not without some additional structure on top of them…)

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