3D Print A Remote Control Flame Thrower

We all have a weakness for a good flamethrower project, but sometimes they can look a little hairy, even if losing hairs to them seems to be the order of the day. [Hyper_Ion] has a ‘thrower that might satisfy the need for fire among the cautious though, because he’s created a remote control flamethrower.

Fuel for the flames is provided from a butane canister held within a 3D-printed frame, and is delivered via a piece of copper tube to a welding nozzle. A plunger beneath the can is connected to a rack-and-pinion driven by a servo, connected to a straightforward radio control receiver. The position of the can is adjusted until there is just enough gas to sustain a pilot flame at the nozzle, and a command to the servo releases a burst of gas that results in a satisfying puff of fire.

This is more of a static stage effect than the wearable flamethrowers or flamethrower guitar projects we’ve seen in the past, but it is no less a neat project. And unlike many other flamethrowers, it’s simple to build. We have to deliver the usual exhortation though: take care with your fire, we’d prefer not to be writing either obituaries of Fail Of The Week posts about smoking ruins.

11 thoughts on “3D Print A Remote Control Flame Thrower

    1. Hey. So this is my project. I think you exaggerate the danger just a little. If you want I can blow a failed print with the “flamethrower” for a good 30 seconds to prove its not going to burst into flames.

      The mechanism that controls the flames is as far away from the flame as possible. The only way something could go catastrophically wrong is if that mechanism was somehow interfered with. If the side frame melted then it would lose pressure, weakening the flame.

      Not only that, none of the 3D printed parts are in danger of melting. The nozzle, the only 3d printed part even close to the flame, actually gets frozen, not heated.
      Also I use maker-geek PLA which is literally in that video as not being flammable.

      Im still not saying this is safe. It’s a good 3-4 feet of flame. That can easily burn your house down. But its not the 3D printed parts that are going first. And I’m definitely not an insane idiot for doing it. I know the limits of my materials.

    1. You’re totally I don’t think its a flame thrower either but that seems to be what people are calling projects like this.

      That’s why I’m calling it a pyrotechnic flamethrower. Not a normal flamethrower. This is specifically meant for pyrotechnics.

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