Kinect Visualizer Demo Gives Winamp A Run For Its Money

Kinect Music Visualizer Program Demo

Winamp eat your heart out, because thanks to the Microsoft Kinect in the hands of [Samarth] there’s a new way to make your screen dance along with you. He created a music visualizer demo that takes advantage of the 3D depth camera on Kinect by outputting a fun pixelated silhouette and color changing strobe. When there are big high-hat hits or bass thumps the camera feed reacts accordingly (as any good visualizer would). He even uploaded his code for the project just in case anyone would like to take a look at it.

The visualizer utilizes the OpenKinect-Processing library which has provided the backbone to many other similar Kinect art projects. It was specifically created to provide a quicker way for coders to access the raw color and depth data output by Kinect. It’s creator, Daniel Shiffman, has posted a number of tutorials to aid anyone looking to create their own real-time animations as well.

The visualizer demo (see video below) was created as part of Maker Faire Hyderabad which is happening over the weekend. The expo is the city’s first Maker Faire and is set to feature over 200 maker exhibits across multiple disciplines. It’s always great to see maker communities outside of the ones that are closest to you geographically speaking, so hopefully we’ll see many more like [Samarth] taking part in more maker events in the future.

There are certainly other things you can do with Kinect, like this DSLR focus pull project the runs off a trusty Raspberry Pi.

9 thoughts on “Kinect Visualizer Demo Gives Winamp A Run For Its Money

    1. There’s always one person here who has to fecklessly shit on a post and complain about it not being the first. Jesus Christ it’s getting old. Especially when a depth camera fed into and processed on is way different that preprocessed animations overlayed with a demo scene animation blitz.

      1. hmmm… all Mike said is that it reminded him of an Amiga demo. And to be honest, it was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this post. Mike never mentioned that this was done before, understandable since it would have been impossible in 1992, simply due to the fact that the kinect did not exist back then.
        So please… calm down.

        PS: I’m pretty sure that there are people out there who mind other people fecklessly swearing in their comments, so please don’t do that again.

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