Quilting Desk Is An Absolute Unit

Most hobbies come with a lot of tools, and thread injecting is no different. Quilting itself may be Queen Hobby when it comes to the sheer volume of things you can buy: specialized templates, clips, thimbles, disappearing ink pens, and so on. And of course, you want it all within arm’s reach while sitting at the machine.

Ruler rack via Amazon.

Years ago, [KevsWoodworks] built an impressive custom quilting desk for his wife. He’d added on to it over the years, but it was time for a bigger one. This beautiful beast has 21 drawers and 6 large cubbyholes for plastic bins. At the wife’s request, one of the drawers is vertical. [Kev] doesn’t say what she put in there, but if it were our desk, that’s where we’d stash all our large plastic rulers that need to be kept flat (or vertical). There’s also a lift, so any sewing machine can be brought up flush with the enormous top.

Fortunately for us, [Kev] likes to teach. He documented the build in a series of videos that go nicely with his CAD drawings, which are available for download. Thread your way past the break to see those videos.

Want to do some thread injecting, but don’t want to spend hundreds on a machine? We got lucky with our entry-level injector. If yours is a piece of scrap or has limited stitch options, replace the motor, or add an Arduino.

10 thoughts on “Quilting Desk Is An Absolute Unit

    1. It’s a phrase I’ve been seeing more consistently. Did it start in the UK? Anyway, it means massive or large. “AndrĂ© the Giant was an absolute unit.”

      1. its slang, it didn’t start on reddit but probably used reddit to move around to different geographical regions. Like most slang its a love or hate thing but all slang is inevitable as that is how language evolves.

    1. My wife is a long-time quilter and I showed her this article.

      Her comments about putting rounded corners on is that they should be no more than a quarter of an inch in size so that she can put her cutting mats right up to the corner, as most of her quilting tools are square or rectangular. The mats have a small rounded corner themselves.

      She would prefer to have a bumper on the corner rather than lose precious table space, where every square inch is used.

      She loves these cabinets, but having it in one fixed unit feels restrictive and would prefer to be able to have a more modular setup where they can be rearranged.

  1. I don’t mean to be mean.
    But when I started reading this,
    the first thought that came up in my mind was,
    “Is HaD going the way of Evil Mad Scientist, and start posting cookie recipes”

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