Miss Nothing With A Hacked 360 Degree Camera Trap

Camera traps are a very common tool in wildlife conservation and research, but placing and pointing them correctly can be a bit of a guessing game. Something very interesting could happen just out of frame and you’d be none the wiser. The [Andrew Quitmeyer] and [Danielle Hoogendijk] at DINALABS (Digital Naturalism Laboratories) in Panama are experimenting with hacked consumer 360° cameras to help solve problem.

The project is called Panatrap and looks very promising. They’ve done very detailed testing with a number of different 360° cameras, and have built functional prototypes with the Xiaomi Misphere and Ricoh Theta V. The Xiaomi had some handy contacts on the bottom of the camera for its selfie stick interface (simply a resistor and button), which allowed full control of the camera. An Arduino compatible board waits for the motion detected signal from a PIR sensor which then sends the required command to the camera to wake-up and take footage. The Ricoh was slightly more challenging, but they discovered that the camera will wake up if an emulated keyboard command is received over it’s USB port from a Teensy. Triggering is then done by a servo pushing against the camera’s button. Everything is housed in a laser cut acrylic case to help it survive the wet jungle. If anyone knows how to hack the Samsung Gear camera to work, the team is keen to hear from you!

All the work is open sourced, with build details and hardware designs available on the project page and software up on Github. Check out some cool 360° test footage after the break with some local wildlife. We are looking forward to more footage!

It’s possible to make your own rudimentary 360° camera using a raspberry pi. Also check out our recent article on Dian Fossey, a hero of gorilla conservation.

4 thoughts on “Miss Nothing With A Hacked 360 Degree Camera Trap

  1. Dang, that’s a huge rat, almost as big as a NYC sewer rat. 360 would be so much cooler without the fish-eye effect, and a better way to view. Pretty cool they hacked commercial 360 cameras for this, was hoping one of mine, but no luck. Both of mine have wifi, maybe. Pretty sure there are 360 trail/game cameras available. Even the regular ones are more expensive, than I’d want to leave unattended anymore.

    Kind of disappointed that they couldn’t have gotten some other animals in the video, but you really can’t anticipate what sort of critters wonder through the backyard. I get luck occasionally on my security cameras, but the problem is knowing when to look. Instead of PIR sensor, they should look into a Doppler motion sensor. I haven’t tried them outdoors yet, but they work will inside, maybe 20-25 feet. Picked up a few at $1.19 each, but have seen them on sale since. Regular price is $1.95, still not bad.

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